UFO Explanation Potentially More Terrifying Than Aliens

A UFO spotted by thousands over Siberia on November 17, and captured in countless videos and photos, had many cars pulling over and people on the streets craning their necks toward the Siberian sky.

At first traveling along through the night as a seemingly simple bright spot of luminescence, the UFO then reportedly blossomed a plume of dazzling light in its wake, radiating something that did truly look otherworldly in the most UFO kind of way.

YouTube video of the Siberian UFO is compiled below, featuring different vantage points.

Having witnessed firsthand what turned out to be a similar "UFO" on November 7 over California, the only explanation seemed to be an alien-driven UFO or a drone with a super spectacular spotlight, the plume of light in the case of the California UFO emitting and spreading out into the night for what seemed like several minutes.

So not surprisingly, those that witnessed the dazzling explosion of UFO over Siberia believed it to be everything from an alien craft to an alien wormhole, reports the Huffington Post.

For comparison to the UFO witnessed over Siberia, below is footage of the California version, their UFO plumes of light strikingly similar.

At the same time, the video below, posted by Southern California Weather Force, also reveals what the UFO really was, which given the fact that the same thing is being seen in Russia during these times of international strife, makes it potentially far more frightening than UFO aliens from outer space.

So as similar as American and Siberian civilian reactions were to their respective "UFO" sightings, so too are their more frightening realities.

Just two weeks apart, the California UFO was confirmed by the Associated Press to be "an unarmed missile test-fired from a Navy submarine," a type of test conducted often by the Navy "to ensure the continued reliability of the system."

Meanwhile, the Russians are conducting similar missile tests of their own, as witnessed in the Siberian UFO event, according to NBC News space consultant, James Oberg.

"It was the twelfth test in a bizarre Russian missile program to develop defense-penetrating warheads," said Oberg, who in an email to the Huffington Post described what people were really seeing rather than an alien UFO.

"The just-launched missile coasts for several minutes and then fires its last stage pushing the warhead downwards into a special radar test range. The plume, then actually higher in the sky, gets to be more than 100 miles long, perhaps 500-600 miles in space before falling back into the atmosphere. Half of the tests have occurred within an hour of sunset. For millions of people along the route, a triangle cloud suddenly appears from nowhere and grows for 60 seconds. Then the nose flares into a brief spiral and fades away."
With the current tensions between Russia and NATO, and the significant role the United States plays in that relationship, some visiting alien UFOs from outer space might be preferable to the actual fact that both Russia and the U.S. are always actively preparing their powerful nuclear weapons for deployment should the unthinkable occasion arise.

For Oberg, a UFO skeptic and rocket scientist who has spent over two decades working for NASA, while also visiting rocket launching facilities in Siberia and Kazakhstan, he can understand how missile tests like the recent ones over Siberia and California can be mistaken as alien UFO sightings. At the same time, it seems to Oberg that at this point more people would recognize such missile tests as not being UFOs.

"The first tests that were visible certainly freaked out the public. But after several repetitions, more of the commentary is from folks who recognized it as another missile test. Nonetheless, some people never seem to get the memo."

Oberg being among the "leading UFO skeptics in the world," the UFO skeptic in him also doesn't appreciate the ever-accumulating amount of bogus UFO photos and footage constantly showing up on YouTube, though he believes governments "seem to prefer" that people believe in UFOs.

"The cynical pseudo-UFO industry is more than just confusing the public. It's also contributing to the chances of important sightings being lost in the noise... Sometimes, even governments seem to prefer people think what they saw was aliens, and not the government's secret activities - and Russian UFO reports have played that role for half a century."
In the end, a UFO event such as that depicted in Independence Day may or may not some day happen, but nuclear weapons and international friction are all too real.

[Images and video via YouTube]