The Game And Stitches Could Settle Their Beef In A Celebrity Boxing Match

Earlier this month, rival rappers Stitches and The Game got in a violent confrontation at a Miami club. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Stitches was waiting outside the establishment for The Game to come out, having been barred from the club by The Game himself. When The Game's crew finally emerged from the building, Stitches was knocked out cold by his rival's manager, Wack100.

Now, it appears that Stitches wants a fair rematch. According to HipHopDX, Stitches recently signed a contract to engage in a celebrity boxing match with The Game, hoping to settle the score once and for all. Now, all Stitches has to do is convince The Game to sign on with him and take their beef to the ring.

Will the Game accept Stitches challenge?
The Game. [Photo via Instagram]The boxing match is being organized by Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO Damon Feldman, who is helping Stitches to provoke The Game into agreeing to the fight. The two of them have been posting videos to social media pages challenging The Game.
"Woo, I'm bout to sign that contract with Damon right now. That Celebrity Boxing s***, boy. Anybody who wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, n****, but you didn't. I got jumped, n****, but you didn't touch me."

Feldman backed up Stitches' claim that The Game knocked him out unfairly using his manager. Feldman essentially accused The Game of cowardice and claimed that he should agree to the boxing match if he wants to prove his superiority to his rival rapper.

"Damon Feldman here with Celebrity Boxing. So look, the word is Stitches got snuck. Game, you've been offered fights several times [and] you never stepped up. Stitches has signed the contract. Game, are you gonna sign here? Step up."
But The Game claims he was not backing down from the fight, but being held back by a friend because he was currently on probation.

"That n**** start walking up and s***. Marcus was holding me back cause he know I'm on probation," The Game said.

Stitches insists the rapper paid members of his crew to punch him, which apparently resorted in him losing sight in his left eye.

Rapper Stitches
Stitches mugshot. [Photo by the Miami Police Department]According to Radio, the Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO is also offering to pay The Game for taking part in the boxing match.

"Game, that was a joke, man. Stitches was snuck," Feldman continued. "This is you guys' opportunity to step in the ring. He has signed the contract Stitches has. This is your chance to step in the ring. Get paid. Do it for real and legally."

Both The Game's manager and Stitches were arrested after the confrontation outside the Miami club, but the boxing match would allow both rappers the opportunity to duke it out legally, without worrying about the police intervening. Both rappers would sign waivers before the fight to protect either of them from a lawsuit.

"You know I will take you 1 on 1 fair fight like men do. Let's get itttt. Don't use the excuse of me suing you cause that will never be my intention plus this is all on contract. No suing."
Stitches is even suggesting that the two rappers put money on the fight, offering, "Winner take all."

Do you think The Game should accept the challenge offered by Stitches and Damon Feldman? Does Stitches have a point about being caught off guard by his rival's manager? Or should the two of them simply give up the beef and leave each other alone?

[Photos by Stitches and The Game/Instagram]