Jax Taylor Says Lala Kent And James Kennedy Are Not 'Real' Part Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast While Andy Cohen Pokes Fun At Lala's Intelligence

Jax Taylor apparently doesn't consider James Kennedy and Lala Kent to be "real" cast members of Vanderpump Rules. On Monday night, as James and Lala appeared on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live (WWHL), after the airing of the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Jax tweeted several messages that made fun of James and Lala. One tweet called James and Lala's WWHL episode "most embarrassing." Jax, on behalf of the "real" cast, apologized to Andy for having to put up with James and Lala.

Jax also called the episode the worst one ever and said that even Andy looked bored and embarrassed. Jax even made fun of Lala repeatedly saying "homie" on the show.
Lala and James were told of Jax's tweets. After a viewer called in to ask Lala if she had sex with Jax, Lala got her revenge by threatening to spill Jax's secret.
"No. Ewww. I know a little secret. After hearing what he just tweeted, I know your secret, Jax. You would never ever in your life have a chance with me. And if anyone else knew about your little secret, they wouldn't either."
James piped up to call Jax a "dirty dirty boy." "It's called herpes," he added.

Seemingly in direct response to James and Lala saying that he has herpes, Jax tweeted that they are trying hard to be relevant and are train wrecks.

Earlier in the night, Jax claimed that he was the one who turned Lala down. Several people replied to Jax's tweet to tell him how silly it is that he told Lala to stop using the word "homie" because she's white but he's using it himself.
During their WWHL appearance, Lala Kent and James Kennedy swore so much that Andy Cohen named them "Jackh**es of the Day" for disrupting the live show with the constant swearing. Andy made clear that the show wasn't his favorite by retweeting several tweets from viewers that criticized Lala and James' appearance. Like Jax Taylor, one viewer described the show as a train wreck.
Another tweet that Andy retweeted talked of excitement over hearing what Andy will say about James and Lala on his radio show next week.
On the WWHL After Show, Andy actually made fun of Lala a bit. After a viewer called in to ask Lala what her career goals are and that she'll make a great attorney, Andy made clear that he doesn't think Lala has the smarts for that.
"You can see her as an attorney?! Wow. You must have been watching a different show than me tonight. Is it just me?"
The audience burst out in laughs. Even James couldn't stop laughing at what Andy said. Lala laughed herself and, after saying that she doesn't see herself as an attorney, said that she's going to continue with music.On Tuesday, James tweeted an apology to Andy for swearing so much on his show.
Lala also tweeted an apology. She admitted that she drank too much and is embarrassed now over how she came across on the show.
In response to a viewer who tweeted to Lala that she felt like putting a paper bag over head because she was being so embarrassing, Lala replied that she wishes the person was actually there to do so.
Will James Kennedy and Lala Kent have lots to say when Jax Taylor himself appears on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live next week? Jax will be in the New York City clubhouse next Monday.[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]