'I Failed': Husband Of Woman Killed On Caribbean Vacation Speaks Out For First Time, Grenada Native Charged In Death

Matt Veinotte is speaking out for the first time after his wife, Linnea Veinotte, was found in a makeshift grave in Grenada. The mother-of-two went missing after going on a morning jog, but was later found dead from blunt force trauma. A Grenada native has been charged with non-capital murder in the case after he allegedly hit Linnea with his car and disposed of her body on the side of the road in a makeshift grave. Now, the grieving father and husband is speaking out, saying he "failed" his wife as he was supposed to keep her safe.

Linnea and Nico
Linnea Veinotte went on a jog with her dog Nico while on vacation in the Caribbean when she vanished. She was later found in a shallow grave as Nico was also found injured. [Image via Facebook]The Daily Mail reports that grieving husband Matt Veinotte posted an emotional Facebook post after learning of his wife's grim fate. The doting father and husband says that it was "his job" to keep his family safe and that he "failed."
"It was my job to keep our family safe … and I failed! Now I have to look into the eyes of everyone that knows Linnea, especially our two little boys and find a way keep them safe, to give them love, and provide in a way that only she could do."
The tragedy struck as Matt and Linnea were on a Caribbean vacation with their two young sons, ages 5 and 6. The family was in Granada when Linnea went out for an early morning jog. However, she never returned. Matt said he looked everywhere for his wife and eventually filed a missing persons report. Sadly, a week later, Linnea's decaying body was found in a makeshift grave.

Linnea Veinotte
Linnea Veinotte and her two sons while on vacation in the Carribean. [Image via Facebook]Police believe that a Grenada resident, Akim Frank, was responsible for Linnea's death, and he voluntarily turned himself in. The autopsy report indicates that Linnea died from blunt force trauma to the chest and lower body, injuries consistent with being hit by a car. Police believe Frank hit the mother with a car before disposing of her body in a shallow grave after learning she was deceased. Frank is being held in jail and is being charged with non-capital murder.

Nico the dog was found injured, along with some of Linnea's blood. The dog went jogging with Linnea when she was allegedly hit by a vehicle driven by Akim Frank and killed. [Image via Facebook]Though the search for his wife did not end as he had hoped, Matt says he is thankful to all of those who came out to help with the search efforts. He notes that he is still in shock from the whole ordeal, but that words cannot express how thankful he is to everyone who supported him during the six days it took to recover Linnea's body.
" 'Thank you' isn't enough … and when I have time to reflect, I hope to be able to say thank you in a way that truly reflects how thankful I am to everyone over the past six days."
Matt went on to say during the emotional post that his sons will never get the benefit of having their mother for enough time.
"Linnea …. Lucas and Isaac are very fortunate … They get to call you 'Mommy'! Yet now, at their young ages, they will not get the full benefit of a lifetime with their mommy. The love you have for Lucas and Isaac will never fade. It's my promise to you -- and it's my commitment to them."
The full tribute can be read here, but ends with the words "Goodnight Sweetheart, Sweet Dreams, Love You and Remember…." The Veinotte's dog, Nico, was also found injured at the scene and is currently recovering from his injuries. The dog was found near the road, along with some of Linnea's blood before the body was found days later.

[Image via Facebook]