Man Sets 2 Coworkers On Fire: LiveLeak Video Gets Nearly 400,000 Views In 24 Hours [Graphic Video]

The graphic video is hard to watch. The article titled "2 men doused with gasoline set on fire; man charged," as reported by WBAL-TV, reports that a dispute in the workplace is what started the melee that left two men in flames, as seen in the graphic video below. While the two victims have been hospitalized and one was in critical condition as of one week ago, 28-year-old Christopher Harrison, Jr., has been charged with their attempted murder.

Warning: The following video and photos are very graphic and disturbing, and could be upsetting to some viewers.

The video gained popularity on Tuesday, December 15, when the LiveLeak video, titled "Someone brought a flamethrower to a fight?" nearly 400,000 views in 24 hours after being uploaded to the site. The graphic video showed the aftermath of Harrison's actions, with the men already engulfed in flames. One man shouts the familiar actions of what to do when a person is on fire.

"Stop. Drop. And Roll!"
Screams for help can be heard as the fire accelerant makes the men burn more, and as they run, the flames are fanned. One man is shown rolling on the ground, with his clothes burned off and part of his skin. According to the LiveLeak video description, the graphic video first appeared on Twitter. Indeed, copies of the graphic video showing the burning men appear on Twitter.
"Video surfaced on twitter couple of days ago, once again its blacklivesmatter vs whitelivesmatter."
The two men who were hurt in the fire thought they'd be settling a heated dispute with a fist fight, not a blazing and horrific fire. That's when the graphic video showed the men on fire and screaming for their lives. David Widener caught the horrible fire on video, and uploaded the video online. Instead of a fight video, David got a tragic fire video.
"We were recording for a fight. They had agreed to settle it. Nothing besides that was said, even leading up to the altercation. They both took their shirts off and appeared like they were going to fight."
Both of the fire victims suffered serious burns and could have been killed. Now that same video that's making the rounds online is being used by the cops as part of their investigation and as evidence in convicting Harrison. One of Christopher's fire victims endured burns across 90 percent of his body, reports the Daily Mail.

[Image via GoFundMe]
[Image via GoFundMe]The other fire victim, David Campbell, endured fewer burns -- but still on 60 percent of his body. Campbell is in stable condition, and a GoFundMe page set up for David has been updating the public to his condition.

Apparently, the gasoline was on hand when one of two cars ran out of gas and four colleagues walked to a gas station to get more. Upon returning to the cars, an argument started and the men were set on fire. Fire emergency personnel responded to the scene after receiving a call for help at an area in White Marsh, Maryland. It was approximately 4:45 p.m. on a Friday when the melee occurred at Pulaski Highway near Allender Road.

Anthony Rodriguez, one of the coworkers of Christopher and his victims, spoke of how quickly the fire began.

"He threw the gas on him and caught him on fire, and it just happened so quick."
Christopher can add the attempted first-degree murder charges onto other charges that Harrison previously has, including assault and a threat of arson. Those charges were later dropped in 2012. Other charges would remain, such as a 2013 guilty verdict for destroying property and a 2012 assault charge. Previous charges of fraud, theft, and assault litter Harrison's record.

[Image via Baltimore County police]