Oklahoma Woman Lures 15-Year-Old Boy Into Tanning Booth, Strips, Kisses Him

A woman was charged with a felony on Monday for luring a teenage boy into a tanning booth at a Bartlesville, Oklahoma gym in order to seduce him.

Betsy Ann Brashear is a 24-year-old youth gymnastics coach facing sex charges for allegedly luring a 15-year-old boy into a tanning booth, stripping, and trying to kiss him, reports NY Daily. According to the boy’s mother, Brashear was checking out her son when he walked in the door of Colaw Fitness in Bartlesville on Thursday. The mother arrived with her son at the gym around midnight, and noticed that she was trying to flirt with him. At this point, she asked other gym members to keep an eye on them, reports Newson6.

According to an affidavit, a man working out at the gym observed Brashear luring the boy into a tanning booth and told his mother. The mother then went to the booth and pounded on the door. The son answered, and Brashear was trying to hide in the room. The boy’s mother entered, and dragged Brashear out of the tanning booth. The document says that she was wearing nothing but a sports bra, according to DailyMail.

Upon discovering that Brashear was partially nude, the mother let her go since there were several men nearby. To avoid further confrontation, Brashear stayed in the tanning booth until police arrived. The boy told investigators that Brashear asked him to spot her on weights, and then propositioned him to accompany her to the tanning booth. Once inside, she began taking off her clothes and kissing him.

Brashear denied stripping down, but admitted that she knew the boy was only 15. In her defense, she said that “there was nothing wrong or illegal about giving someone a kiss.” She was arrested and booked at the Washington County Jail, only to be released Friday on $20,000 bond. As a condition of the bond, Brashear isn’t allowed to go anywhere near anyone under 18, family members notwithstanding.

Brashear is listed as a Bartlesville youth coach on an Oklahoma gymnastics web site. She’s due back in court on July 13, 2012.