Walt Disney World Rumored To Be Adding New Security Measures At Theme Park Entrances This Week

In the wake of a number of violent happenings around the world in the past year, changes are being made to many public venues. One of those that will be undergoing some changes is that of Disney Parks. Rumor has it that a number of differences will be coming to the security at Walt Disney World parks, and it can be expected to happen within the week.

As of now, these are strictly rumors, and Disney has not issued a statement either way to confirm or deny these reports.

According to the Adult Side of Disney, new security measures are going to be put into place at the entrances of Walt Disney World parks beginning on Friday, December 17. Right now, Disney only has bag checks at the entrance of their theme parks, but it looks like more are on the way.

Reports state that some of the changes will include scanners at the entrance of each Disney Park, and these scanners will be similar to what are at airports. The scanners are metal detectors, and also check for anything else that someone may have on their person.

walt disney world security
[Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]Not only will there be the addition of scanners, but Disney security personnel is also going to have hand-held wands to do additional scans as needed.

For some time now, Walt Disney World has had armed police officers on site to help with security. There are going to be even more police officers patrolling the park entrance areas, and K-9 units as well.

While these changes will be happening at the entrances of Walt Disney World theme parks, there will be some other things being altered inside of the parks, as well.

Intercot is reporting that there will be no more toy guns sold or allowed anywhere on Disney property by the end of this week. Also, Disney will strictly enforce the policy of no guests, aged 14 or older, will be allowed to wear masks.

walt disney world toy guns security
Image via USToy.com

The Paris attacks and San Bernardino shootings have raised concern from a lot of guests visiting the Disney Parks, and questions have been raised about park security. Concerns weren't lessened when last week, a man was arrested attempting to bring a gun into Magic Kingdom.

A lawyer from Miami was carrying a snub-nose revolver on his person, and it was loaded with five hollow-point bullets. Disney security had noticed a bulge on his person, and when questioned about it, the man tried to leave the scene.

An armed police officer was advised of the situation and followed before the man attempted to flee. The officer drew his weapon and ordered the man to stop. The lawyer followed orders and the weapon was found on him, and his concealed carry permit was found to have been expired for many years.

Walt Disney World's theme parks and resorts have over 100,000 people in the area on any given day of the year. A lot of wonder and concern has gone around social media as to if Disney would ever be targeted by a terrorist attack, or even one of a domestic nature.

For now, Disney Parks still just have security personnel at the entrances doing bag checks and making sure nothing dangerous is in anyone's belongings. Disney has not put the scanners or wands in place.

They may be just rumors at this time, but more will be known by the end of this week as to what is placed at Walt Disney World and what isn't. The new security measures may end up causing some delays at theme park entrances, but it could possibly put a lot of minds at ease and lighten up some concerns about safety.

[Image via Danny Cox]