Los Angeles Schools Closed, But New York Schools Remain Open After Similar Threat

Los Angeles schools closed after receiving a bomb threat earlier today, but New York schools opted to stay open after receiving a similar threat. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent chose to shutter about 900 schools, where approximately 600,000 students attend out of an "abundance of caution."

NYC school officials said that when faced with the same threatening email about a bomb, they concluded that it was a hoax. The sender of the email reportedly claimed to be a jihadist, but "made errors" in the missive that quickly led police officials to determine the threat was nothing more than a horrific prank, the New York Times reports.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told the media that he is "absolutely convinced" that children in the city are not being placed in any risk. New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton feels that Los Angeles school officials "overreacted" when deciding to close schools. The California city operates the second-largest school district in the United States.

"Our schools are safe. Kids should be in school today," Mayor de Blasio said. "We will be vigilant. But we are absolutely convinced our schools are safe."

A multitude of police agencies responded to the Los Angeles bomb threat as the school closure was announced. Had the threat been real, or perhaps a diversion designed to prompt a large gathering of first responders all in one place, the death toll could have been devastating.

The bestselling novella, A Day of Wrath, written by history professor and power grid expect Dr. William Forstchen, etched out an eerily similar scenario about a terror attack at a school. Forstchen quickly penned the book as a warning to America about the very real threat on soft targets imposed by ISIS. The book was released just days before the beheading of James Foley.

In Dies Irae: Day of Wrath, Forstchen details exactly how easy it could be for ISIS terrorists to converge upon a school, killing dozens of students and staff before police officers could arrive on scene. One rule-breaking teacher took his gun to school on a daily basis and was able to save at least a few of his students while sustaining multiple gunshots wounds from the Islamist extremists. Dr. Forstchen's terror attack story sadly does not end there. The school shooting was merely a prelude to the real goal of the terrorists, to incite panic and kill first responders on the scene and panicked parents are they drove to the school to rescue their children.

During an interview with the Inquisitr after Day of Wrath was released, Dr. William Forstchen had this to say.
"I was afraid that if I did not write this book, and choose the ebook format so it was available quickly, what was intended as a warning, would quite simply, come too late. I had to take a break when writing Day of Wrath several times, it was a deeply emotional experience for me as well. It was difficult to complete, but was too important of a project not to finish."
Some terrorism experts speaking on various cable news outlets have deemed the Los Angeles schools closure a mistake that sets a dangerous precedent that gave the author of the bomb threat email exactly what they wanted.

According to a report by NBC News, several other school districts around the country, in addition to the Los Angeles and New York City schools, also received a similar jihadist bomb threat today. The FBI was contacted about the L.A. bomb threats. KTLA News reports that the bomb threat email was traced back to an email address in Frankfurt, Germany.

What do you think about the decision to close Los Angeles schools and to keep New York City schools open after the bomb threat email?

[Photo by AP Photo/Richard Vogel]