Teresa Giudice Working On Plan To Avoid House Arrest

Teresa Giudice will be out of jail on December 23, but after that she is going to be on house arrest for a bit. Now word is out that Teresa is doing all that she can to try to get out of this part of it. She wants to be able to spend time out in the open and, of course, promote her upcoming book once she is done in jail. Radar Online shared that Teresa actually has a plan to try to get out of her house arrest.

An insider shared that Teresa Giudice sat down with her lawyer James Leonard, over the weekend at the Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut to talk about ways that she could get out of house arrest. The insider revealed the details about what is going on.
"She is of course beyond excited about the upcoming release. The final details of the release are still in the works, along with the conditions of her house arrest. Teresa is hopeful that the Bureau of Prisons won't require her to stay at the house for the next two months."
As of right now, Teresa Giudice is still required to stay at home during that time. She will have on an ankle monitor and won't be able to leave the house. This does mean that Teresa will still get to spend time with the girls and Joe for that month, though. That of course is really important to her. Teresa being home is the priority, but if she could find a way to not be on house arrest that would be nice. The insider shared a few more details.
"She is very eager to get back to work including filming Real Housewives of New Jersey. It's still up in the air as to whether or not Teresa will be allowed to film during the house arrest, but she will be required to check in with an official from the Bureau of Prisons, which will continue to monitor her activity. Whatever Teresa is required to do, she will follow to the letter."
/blockquote>E! Online shared a few details about how Teresa and Joe Giudice will be spending time this holiday. This will be their last Christmas together for four years since Joe will be heading to prison next. Joe will be there for four years, so they are going to be spending time together this year, but after this Teresa will be the one at home with the girls. A source shared that their plans are very low-key this year.
"All Teresa wants is a very low-key Christmas at home with her family. She's nine days away from getting out and it's her only focus. She and Joe have had conversations about presents, yes, but it's not what matters. Literally the only thing she cares about is coming home to her family."
Teresa Giudice is still in prison, but she has told Joe how she wants the house decorated. Everything should be ready for Teresa's big release on December 23. After spending almost a year away from her husband and her girls, Teresa Giudice is obviously ready to be home with her kids and husband once again. This is the most important thing to her right now. Joe does have plans for a small vacation during the time that Teresa can go out and do things before he has to head to prison. Joe has been taking care of the girls alone and it will be nice to have Teresa home again.

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[Photo by Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald]