Taylor Meets Her 'Twin,' Olivia Sturgiss, in Australia -- Check Out The Insane Likeness!

Taylor Swift met one of her most convincing doppelgangers in Australia during the final leg of her '1989' World Tour. Swift snapped a picture with Olivia Sturgiss, 19, backstage and the likeness between her and Taylor is uncanny, Us Weekly reports.

Sturgiss, 19, shares Taylor's straight blonde hair, high cheekbones, and doll-like pout. A quick scan of her Instagram page will show you that she also regularly wears crop tops and red lipstick, much like the Grammy award winning "Shake It Off" singer.

According to Sturgiss, her only intentional attempt to look like Taylor Swift was cutting and dyeing her hair to resemble Swift's signature blonde bob. The rest was just down to Mother Nature.

"I got my hair cut consciously like hers but everything else is just sort of coincidental," Olivia said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

"I think it's just the facial structure. I've got small eyes and bigger lips like her," Sturgiss said. "Sometimes I won't wear makeup at all and still get told I look like her."

The resemblance has made Sturgiss a bit of an online celebrity, and she says she gets approached by Taylor Swift fans for pictures all the time.

Olivia Sturgiss, a Taylor Swift lookalike regularly tags her Instagram pictures wih #noitslive. Photo via Instagram
Olivia Sturgiss, a Taylor Swift lookalike regularly tags her Instagram pictures wih #noitsliv. [Photo via Instagram/@olivia_obliviousBut Sturgiss got the opportunity to meet the real deal when she was handpicked to meet Taylor backstage at the Melbourne gig.

"She was actually shorter than me," Olivia says, recounting the first time she saw the "Blank Space" singer in real life.

"She said, 'Oh my god you're so tall. Usually I'd be wearing heels but I've got a bad ankle'," Olivia recalled.

When Olivia asked how Taylor damaged her ankle, she responded, "months of touring." She was like "Yeh, I have to limp off stage."

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor first noticed Olivia via the social media app Tumblr, and the resemblance even surprised her. Swift is known for regularly using Tumblr to connect with her fans, and one post from Olivia touched her deeply.

It was a post about losing her mom. Olivia's mom died after a battle with uterine cancer in October. She was a big Taylor Swift fan, too. Olivia not only used her post to mourn her mom, but as a gesture of moral support for Swift, whose mother is also battling cancer.

"The same week she announced her mum was diagnosed with cancer was the same week my mum was diagnosed with cancer so I think maybe it hit her close to home," Olivia said.

Olivia wrote in her blog post that, before she died, Olivia's mom promised her that she would one day meet her idol. Now that the dream has come true the only bittersweet part of it is that her mother wasn't there to see Olivia and Taylor in the same room.

Now that she's met Taylor Swift, Olivia told the Daily Mail, that she feels like she has an extra responsibility to be kind to the little girls who come up on the street and ask for her picture.

Olivia regularly does her own versions of Taylor Swift's music videos.
Olivia regularly does her own versions of Taylor Swift's music videos. [Photo via Instagram/@olivia_oblivious"The little, little girls who think I'm Taylor, I look at their mums and their mums know. So I'm like I'll let their mums tell them, I don't have the heart to tell them," Olivia explained.

As Taylor Swift wrapped up her world tour in Australia, she also technically wrapped up an epic era in her career, as People Magazine notes in their article on the 26 awesome things Taylor Swift did in 2015.

Taylor Swift performing on her '1989' tour, which the fox image was used to promote.
Taylor Swift performing on her "1989" tour. [Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]The 1989 album spent the year in the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Swift set records at Staples Center for the most sold out shows, and she made everyone envy her squad of model and actress friends. She became the most followed person on Instagram, and welcomed a long list of stellar guest stars on her sold out world tour, and she only just celebrated her 26th birthday.

So what's next for Taylor Swift?

She's just partnered with Apple Music to broadcast her 1989 tour concert film, and she'll be heading to the Grammy Awards in 2016 with 7 nominations, including Album of the Year and Song Of The Year.

So, it's safe to say that the future is bright for Taylor Swift.

[Photo by Jamie MacCarthy/Getty Images]