WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Says Who Contacted Him From WWE And Wanting A 'WrestleMania' Moment

WWE has brought in or back a number of big names in the past year, and one of those that has flown around a lot is AJ Styles. Many have wondered if he would end up in WWE after parting ways with TNA, but it hasn't happened yet. Well, now he has finally set the record straight on who actually contacted him from WWE, and if he ever wants to have a WrestleMania moment.

Styles has had a short stint in WWE in the past, but never anything that was more than a match or two here and there. Once Sting arrived in the company, everyone thought it was only a matter of time until the only other big star to never have a true WWE run ended up there.

Since departing TNA, Styles has been in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and appeared for Ring of Honor, as well. Rumors of him heading to WWE have strengthened, but is there any truth to any of them?

aj styles wwe nxt rumors
[Image via NJPW]Recently, AJ Styles was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and he has finally set the record straight. He was asked about who officially contacted him from WWE to start the rumors, and his answer was quite interesting.
"I haven't had a call from someone who wants to hire me so nothing really and I'm okay with that and that's not a big deal to me. I think it's more of the fans wanting something like this to happen than what I am wanting to happen. I want to be able to retire in a couple of years so I am going to go wherever that takes me. But I have no problem doing the Independents, I love it. I have a great time on the Indies. I've had a lot of great opportunities to wrestle a lot of great wrestlers. Also doing Ring of Honor and Japan that's a good combination."
It's interesting to find out that no one in the hiring department has actually reached out to AJ Styles at this point. He's up there in age, but he's still performing at a high level, and he's one of the most sought-after talents around the world.

Styles is happy doing what he is doing and providing for his family, which is his main priority. He has been taking on big-time schedules though, and WrestleZone reported recently that a back injury was caused from his heavy workload.

aj styles wwe rumors
[Image via TNA]He had been recently pulled from all NJPW events, and it actually led to his matches in the World Tag League being forfeited. Plans were for him to take time off until Ring of Honor's Final Battle event on December 18, and then take time off again until Wrestle Kingdom 10 in Tokyo on January 4, 2016.

The interview went on, and Styles was asked if a stint in NXT is something that he would want to do before he retires.

"Like I said before, I want to support my family and I am going to go wherever that takes me. Would I like to have a 'WrestleMania moment'? Sure. But I am very content with having a 'Wrestle Kingdom moment' in front of 60,000 fans. I think that is pretty awesome walking down that long ramp of the Tokyo Dome in probably one of the bigger matches on the show. There is probably a couple other people out there that want to do the same thing."
The wrestling fans of the world would love to see AJ Styles in WWE one day before he's done in the ring, and the possibilities are endless. There could be matches against Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and a host of others, but will they ever happen?

AJ Styles is still advancing his career in wrestling, and he may never end up in WWE even though many rumors say he is on the way. Now, it's known that there isn't as much conversation going on as thought, and that WrestleMania moment may never happen.

[Image via TNA]