‘The Voice’ Crowns Adam Levine’s Jordan Smith As Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Win For Hot Duo: Why She’s Exiting

The Voice experienced an unusually dramatic season. Beyond the usual singing competition with four coaches, The Voice featured the blossoming romance between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Add some wit and wisdom from Blake’s bromance buddy Adam Levine, and the season concluding Tuesday was one to remember.

But as far as the show’s viewers getting to watch the PDA between Gwen and Blake, it ended Tuesday when Jordan Smith received the title of The Voice Season 9 winner, reported People.

Smith’s coach, Adam Levine, hopped on stage to congratulate his champion. And while all the coaches appreciated Jordan, particularly what has become his signature tune “Climb Every Mountain,” Adam initially claimed the singer as his own.

“I don’t need to say anything at all because that’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Levine praised early in the season.

However, the spotlight shining on the new Voice champion has been somewhat dimmed by the attention of Stefani and Shelton, the increasingly close crooning couple who consoled each other after their recent divorces (hers from Gavin Rossdale, his from Miranda Lambert) before finding love.

When The Voice returns in 2016, Christina Aguilera will swap with Gwen.

Why Stefani Is Leaving, & What Shelton Had To Say

When Blake learned that Stefani was exiting the show to focus on new music, he made his objections known.

“I don’t want Gwen to not be on the show,” argued Shelton. “Why can’t we have a fifth coach?”

However, Carson Daly, who has the role of The Voice producer and host, sought to keep Blake happy despite the loss of Stefani, reported Us Weekly.

“Well, just to address that, we love Gwen. We love all of our coaches,” Carson reassured Shelton.

Blake pushed his luck with getting Daly to promise to bring back Stefani the following season.

“Yeah, but as a producer, is she coming back to season 11?” interrogated Shelton. “As an executive producer, Carson, I mean…”

Seeking to keep the country crooner calm, Daly informed Blake that Stefani could always return to the show.

“Our chairs, we’re like Iron Chef over here. Once you’ve been in the kitchen, you’re always welcome back in the kitchen,” joked Carson.

That gave Blake the chance he wanted to encourage his girlfriend to return to perform with him as a coach.

“All right, see you next season, Gwen!” cheered Shelton.

Gwen & Blake Pile On PDA

Although the funny exchange focused on The Voice, signs of romance between Stefani and Blake have continued to give fans something to coo over. Gwen and Shelton have driven as a couple to the set to film, been spotted kissing, holding hands, and even canoodling when the show took commercial breaks.

“Gwen had a huge smile and was making eyes at Blake as he was talking to her. They looked very flirty,” an observer revealed to Us Weekly. “Blake went straight to her after his performance ended. She teased him, then laughed.”

Throughout the final moments of The Voice, Stefani and Shelton have made it clear that their romance won’t end when the cameras get turned off, according to People.

Gwen spent time with Blake at his Voice chair during a break, and then Shelton later was seen whispering to her. Blake also was candid about how much the relationship with his fellow coaches meant to him.

“I’ll tell you one of the things for me personally is getting back to this particular combination of coaches… there’s something about this one that is a standout to me because there’s just so much history here with these four coaches. You can’t fake that. When you get to work with your friends like… who gets to do that? It’s pretty cool.”

Shelton and Stefani haven’t limited their romance to The Voice, however. They recently piled on the PDA at a southern California restaurant.

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