WWE News: King Barrett Reportedly Injured, Causing Him To Miss Television Time

If you saw WWE TLC as well as WWE RAW, you saw the League of Nations interfere in matches trying to help WWE Superstar Sheamus keep his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They have helped him a lot as of late, due to the group being formed for the mere purpose of keeping the title in The Authority's control. However, one person was mysteriously missing from WWE action and was not present at either show: King Barrett.

Many wondered why we saw the others come out to help and Barrett was not present, now we know the reason behind it. According to the Wrestling Observer, Barrett is currently injured. While the severity of the injury is not known at this time, he is currently too hurt to perform. Barrett is still traveling with WWE on the road and was reportedly backstage at WWE RAW. However, he was not used.

Barrett is an essential part of the League of Nations storyline, so not having him around is a big problem. If he was too hurt to even take a small bump, then the injury he has must be significant, or WWE simply does not want to risk anything. There is a thought that Barrett could very well be part of WWE shows in a few weeks, but if he is hurt in any severe way, he will be added to the laundry list of injured WWE Superstars in 2015.

League of Nations
[Image via WWE]It is not really known how or when Barrett was hurt, but due to Barrett still traveling with everyone, it was probably recent. On top of that, if he is still with everyone, WWE feels they could still use him if really needed. Many believe if Barrett was hurt yet again, it would be really rough on his WWE career. Barrett has been hurt various times over the years, and just missed time a while back.

It seems King Barrett always finds himself in a bad situation. While he might be there a lot, WWE does feel Barrett is a useful character. There is a reason why he became the 2015 King of the Ring as well as multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion. WWE knows Barrett is very good at his job, but it is hard to truly push a man like him to the top if he is always on the mend.

This is what killed Ken Kennedy's career with WWE. He was always finding himself hurt, and whenever WWE tried to push him, he would get another injury. They even went as far as giving him the Money in the Bank to work with, only for him to get hurt and have to drop the case to Edge. Edge then became the only man in history to not win the MITB match but still cash in the case when he cashed in, shortly after beating Kennedy, on The Undertaker.

Barrett IC Champ
[Image via WWE]Kennedy eventually went to TNA, where he went by his real name of Ken Anderson. He was fired by WWE after Randy Orton went on a crybaby rant to Vince McMahon and WWE played the firing off on Ken getting hurt again, which Anderson was able to dispute the next day by showing he was fine.

When he went to TNA Wrestling, he managed to stay healthy and even won the TNA World Heavyweight Title to realize his greatness as a performer. King Barrett may find himself in a similar situation in the future. While he has the respect of the WWE locker room and management knows of his talent, it very well could be the WWE schedule that plays a part in his injured career.

After a long period of time, falling down and getting hit every day can eventually wear a body down. WWE released an NXT wrestler in Cal Bishop due to the fact that he continued to get hurt, as seen on WWE Breaking Ground on the WWE Network. While we cannot expect WWE to do the same with Barrett at any point, he may have an issue once his contract comes up. As far as the present is concerned, nothing concrete is known on the severity of the injury. However, we do know Barrett is hurt and his return time is not known at this time. We'll update you with more as we know it.

[Image via WWE]