Harry Styles Falsely Accused Of ‘Groping’ Rita Ora’s Breast

As most people are probably aware, Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates were featured on last weekend’s X-Factor finale. Harry and the boys were brought in, with Adele and Coldplay, in a desperate bid to help boost the viewing figures for Simon Cowell’s ailing talent show.

Sadly for The X-Factor, not even Styles and One Direction could boost the bottom line for a show that looks increasingly tired and washed up. The Daily Mail reports that fewer than six million people tuned into the live finale this is around one-third of the number that tuned in when Harry and One Direction made the final in 2010.

Much had been made of the fact that this would be one of the last chances to see Harry and his pals perform live before they head off for a well-earned break. Since Sunday’s finale aired, there have been thousands of column inches written about the “tribute” Simon Cowell paid to Styles and One Direction.

Just two days later, we are seeing a flood of negative stories being aimed at One Direction. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne have all been the subject of media hatchet jobs.

As reported by the Inquisitr, U.K. tabloid the Sun claims that Harry, Liam, and Niall left Louis to party by himself at an X-Factor after-party hosted in their honor by Simon Cowell. Even if Harry and the others left the party early, the concept of Louis partying alone is laughable. Was no one else at the party? Seriously.

Yesterday it was Liam Payne’s turn to have some shade thrown in his direction. The Mirror reported that X-Factor contestant Mason Noise had dissed Liam in an Instagram post that labelled him “one of Harry Style’s backing singers.”


We are used to seeing gossip about Styles, and as a general rule, that gossip tends to center on who Harry may be dating. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Styles is often linked with some or other model around this time of year. One Direction fans refer to this as “Harry’s winter girlfriend.” Stories about Harry have been quieter than usual this year as the tabloids concentrate on whether Niall Horan is dating Selena Gomez and whether Louis is dating Danielle Campbell. That said, the gossip columns are always poised for the latest Harry story, and that story arrived today.

The Mirror report that Harry was spotted getting “flirty” with X-Factor judge Rita Ora. Harry and Rita posed for photographs after the X-Factor finale, and as a result of Harry having his arm around Rita, they are described as in “a flirty embrace.” The Mirror says that as Harry hugged Rita, “her ample cleavage [was]dangerously close to escaping her risqué black dress as they cuddled up.”

Unreality TV take Harry’s photo with Rita a stage further as they scandalously, and possibly slanderously, claim that “Harry groped Rita’s breasts.” What’s more, the gossip mag claims that they have the pictures to prove it.

“Harry joined victorious judge Rita Ora in a press call and posed for a series of photos with the blonde beauty. Showing how comfortable he is with the blonde beauty, the long haired lothario cupped a handful of her breast as she smiled. She didn’t appear uncomfortable at all!”


The magazine uses the picture on the left above as evidence that Harry “groped” Rita. As can clearly be seen, Harry is holding Rita’s wrist, though admittedly the photograph does require a double take.

With gossip of this nature doing the rounds on a daily basis, it is hardly a surprise that Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction are looking forward to some time out of the spotlight as their impending hiatus fast approaches.

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]