Melissa McCarthy Shares Her Reaction To 'Mike & Molly' Being Canceled

Fans were shocked to hear the news that Mike & Molly would be airing its final 13 episodes and that this show has been canceled. It is a fan favorite that has helped to launch Melissa McCarthy's acting career. Us Magazine is now sharing Melissa's reaction to her show being canceled. On Monday, Melissa went to Twitter to share her thoughts on the cancellation.

"I was shocked and heartbroken when @CBS canceled #MikeAndMolly. I would have shot this show for 50 more years. I'll miss my 2nd family."
Everyone found out about the show being canceled from Rondi Reed. She was the one who went to Facebook and revealed it to all of the fans of Mike & Molly. Some fans would have loved to hear it straight from Melissa McCarthy, but that isn't how it all went down. Here is what Rondi had to say to fans.
"Before you hear it elsewhere (and some already have) this is the Final and 6th Season of MIKE & MOLLY on CBS. It is also a shortened season (13 episodes) after the announced full renewal of 22 episodes back in March by the network. We are done taping as of January 27th 2016 and I am not sure exactly when/if the episodes will all be aired. The network has its reasons, and I will not get into a debate, discussion, or campaign to get them to change their minds."
Mike & Molly, with Melissa McCarthy, will be coming back on January 6. They have 13 episodes left to air, and Chuck Lorre did share that he is trying to get the fans some closure. McCarthy's fans would be really upset if this show was to just end with a cliffhanger and for it to not feel like a series finale. At least Melissa's fans will get some closure.
Today recently shared that Melissa McCarthy has something else to keep her busy now that Mike & Molly is over. Melissa has been staying really busy doing films, but that isn't all that is going on for her. She recently came out with her Seven7 fashion collection. Melissa is also showing a slimmed down figure in her new ads for her fashion collection. It is obvious that McCarthy has been taking care of herself. You can purchase her clothing online or at Nordstrom, Macy's, Belk, and Bloomingdale's. Her clothing is available for women everywhere, coming in sizes 4-28.
Melissa McCarthy also has a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy to celebrate for her role in the hilarious movie, Spy. There is no reason that Melissa McCarthy won't be able to find a new role on television soon or continue to star in movies. Melissa McCarthy can do pretty much anything she wants to do, and has been able to prove that time after time.

Mike & Molly is going to be missed by fans, and Melissa McCarthy has made it obvious that she is going to miss the people she has worked with on this show for so many years. This series started airing in 2010, and six years later will come to an end. Six seasons is all that Mike & Molly will air for, but fans would continue to watch this show with Melissa McCarthy for several more seasons had they chosen to keep it coming back. McCarthy made it clear she would have continued to do it, as well.

Are you surprised to hear that Mike & Molly was canceled after this season? Are you going to miss the show that helped Melissa McCarthy to become a household name? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss season six of Mike & Molly when it starts to air in January on CBS. Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell will be missed by their fans.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Lane Bryant]