‘Destiny’ Weekly Reset For December 15: Oryx Challenge Mode Out

The Destiny Weekly Reset for Tuesday, December 15 brings an all new challenge in the King's Fall Raid for PlayStation and Xbox players. It is now time to take on Oryx himself and see if you can bring the Hive boss down using the special conditions concocted by Bungie.

The usual assortment of activities and bounties for Bungie have been refreshed as well. Most notably, the Dust Palace Strike makes a return to the Nightfall. Don't forget the Sparrow Racing League continues to run until December 29.

King's Fall Raid Challenge Mode -- Oryx

Destiny Oryx (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

The Destiny King's Fall Raid challenge caps off this week with special conditions to beat Oryx, and it is definitely a far cry from the existing "No Knights" strategy being employed to defeat Hard Mode.

The Challenge mode condition that the Destiny community has confirmed is that players must detonate 16 Blight bombs at the same time. That means when the Fireteam goes to stagger Oryx, they will not run out and detonate the bombs afterwards during the first three rounds. Just kill minions and stay alive.

After each damage phase round is over, Oryx will teleport players into the dimensional bubble to fight the Shade of Oryx. Once defeated, start over again and kill the four Ogres to drop the Blights and stagger Oryx once again.

It will take three rounds of fighting the Shade of Oryx to complete the challenge and four rounds of Ogres/staggering Oryx. All 16 Blight bombs must be detonated after staggering Oryx for the fourth time. This will bring him down to one percent health and set up the final attack with him at the front of the arena.

Hard Mode is complicated by the introduction of Knights that spawn in the corners of the arena. These Knights will attempt to drain the Blights and must be taken out before they reach the bombs.

You can check out a video of the entire encounter below via the NYR Bure10 YouTube video below.

It's important to note that fireteam members can die during the encounter, and a fireteam can continue to use the same member to serve as the Relic Runner.

The rewards for Normal Mode are a guaranteed 310 Helmet or Primary Weapon, 310 Artifact, and a Calcified Fragment. The Hard mode loot is the same as normal plus a 320 Helmet or Primary Weapon, a 320 Artifact, Emblem, and a new Ship.

Those who collect all 50 Calcified Fragments after defeating Oryx will also receive the Beltane Shader and other goodies from Eris Morn in the Tower.

Nightfall -- Dust Palace

Destiny Dust Palace Strike (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

Meridian Bay, Mars A new Cabal force has unleashed powerful Psion Flayers to seize control of the old Martian Warmind. Face this new threat and secure what remains of the ancient network.


  • Epic -- Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
  • Arc Burn -- Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.
  • Ironclad -- More enemies have shields.
  • Catapult -- Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased.
  • Exposure -- Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.

Vanguard Heroic Strikes

  • Heroic -- Enemies are more numerous and aggressive.
  • Fresh Troops -- Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.

Court of Oryx (Guide)

Tier 3: Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

Destiny Thalnok Grimoire Card (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

This is one of the more challenging boss fights in Court of Oryx simply because there is a lot going on between dealing with multiple minions, including Ogres, and attempting to gain buffs.

Kagoor is immune to damage until the Servite Ogre is defeated. This Ogre has loads of health, though, and other Ogres to help it, along with Devoured Shadows and Maleficent Eyes. Destroying the Eyes gives a buff called Ogre's Fury that stacks up to three times and increases the damage done to Ogres.

Players will need to use the rocks and pillars to avoid the Servite Ogre's attacks and bring it down. Once the Servite is dead, attack Kagoor quickly with heavy weapons and super abilities to bring him down.

Destiny Lord Shaxx (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

Weekly Crucible Playlists

  • Mayhem Rumble
  • Inferno Control

Shaxx Crucible Weekly Bounties

Individual AchievementWin 2 Crucible matches with an individual score of at least 1,500 points.3,75075
Making an ImpactWin 7 matches.3,75075
Crucible CombatWin one game in three different Crucible game modes: Control, Rift, Rumble3,75075
Featured MatchesEarn points in any featured playlist. Crucible wins are worth 3 points. Starting a new match costs 1 point.3,75075
As a TeamComplete 5 Crucible matches in a Fireteam of 2 or more players.3,75075
The True Meaning of WarComplete all 5 of Shaxx's weekly bounties in one week.5,000200
Note: The "Making an Impact" bounty can be completed by Sparrow Racing. It is not necessary to win either.

Arcite Crucible 99-40 Weekly Bounties

Full AutoComplete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Auto Rifle kills.3,75075
Bullet GroupingComplete matches in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Pulse Rifle kills.3,75075
Full Auto ExpertComplete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 9 Auto Rifle kills.3,75075
Ballistic Trauma ExpertComplete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 9 Hand Cannon kills.3,75075
Destiny - Petra Venj (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

Petra Weekly Bounties

Take the WantedWANTED: Sho'oulth, Horror of Oryx. Mars or Venus. Fireteam recommended.

Note: Can be found on Mars in the same area as the Patrol spawn.

Take Them OutKill 12 Consumed or named Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex on Venus.1,500250
Take Them AllKill 100 Taken.1,500250

Prison of Elders Level 32 -- Broken Legion (Guide)

Destiny Prison of Elders - Valus Trau'ug (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]Valus Trau'ug seeks to prove his might by crushing all who challenge him.
1CabalTBDJuggler - No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
2HiveTBDLightswitch - Minions of darkness deal much more melee damage.
3FallenTBDCatapult - Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased.
4HiveTBDBrawler - Guardian Melee damage is greatly increased.
5Cabal / Valus Trau'ugTBDJuggler - No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.


  • House of Judgement x 200
  • Armor Core

Prison of Elders Level 34 -- Urrox's Grudge (Guide)

Destiny Prison of Elders - Urrox, Flame Prince (Playstation, Xbox)

The Flame Prince Urrox vows to burn the Light until all that remains is darkness and bone.
1HiveNoneTrickle - Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced.
2CabalDismantle MinesSmall Arms - Primary Weapon damage is favored.
3CabalEliminate TargetExposure - Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.
4HiveDismantle MinesArc Burn - Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.
5Hive/ UrroxBoss FightSolar Burn - Solar Damage from any source is greatly increased.


  • House of Judgment x 300
  • Weapon Core
  • Etheric Light

Prison of Elders Level 35 -- Skolas' Revenge (Guide)

Destiny Prison of Elders - Skolas (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]Skolas and his crew challenge the Guardians who captured him. Face him with a Fireteam of three. End him.
1HiveNoneExposure - Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.Brawler - Guardian Melee damage is greatly increased.
2VexDestroy MinesGrounded - Players take more damage while airborne.Airborne - Players deal more damage while in the air.
3CabalDismantle MinesCatapult - Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased.Arc Burn - Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.
4FallenEliminate TargetSpecialist - Special Weapon damage is favored.Juggler - No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
5FallenMini-BossTrickle - Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced.Small Arms - Primary Weapon damage is favored.
6Fallen /SkolasBoss FightBrawler - Guardian Melee damage is greatly increased.Juggler - No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • House of Judgment x 500
  • Armor Core
  • Weapon Core
  • Etheric Light
[Image via Bungie]