Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Continue To Flaunt Relationship, He Wants His New Love Back On 'The Voice' Next Season

In light of their recent relationship announcement, Blake Shelton recently shared his heartfelt thoughts about Gwen Stefani leaving The Voice. According to Just Jared, Shelton is not happy with the idea of being on the show without his girlfriend when the hit musical series returns to television next season.

"I don't want Gwen to not be on the show!" Shelton stated in an interview with Extra. "Why can't we have like a fifth coach?"

For her part, Stefani explained how she was going to put her time off to good use.

"I'm probably going to put out my record. Do some shows," the singer stated, adding that she was going to miss everyone on the show.

"It's the combination [of everyone], it's the chemistry. I'm also so devastated that I think I only have like three more looks to do, like three more outfits, and that I'm not going to be around these guys. It's hurting me," Stefani said after being asked what she will miss most about the series.

Given the nature of the show and how judges often leave and return, Stefani's hiatus is not likely to last long. This is especially true if Shelton has anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, apart from the news that Shelton would prefer Stefani the remain on The Voice for the new season, the relationship between the two stars is still going strong. According to the International Business Times, the couple was spotted together this past week, with Stefani wearing Shelton's baseball hat. This latest sighting comes after the two were spotted showing their affection for each other following an outing in Studio City, California.

Stefani and Shelton announced that they were together last month and have been very open about their relationship ever since. In fact, along with flirting on the set of the hit show, Stefani recently posted a picture on Instagram of Shelton biting her arm.

Gwen Stefani with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharell Williams. [Image via Instagram]
Gwen Stefani with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Pharell Williams. [Image via Instagram]

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's new romance followed what has been a year of divorce for the two stars. Stefani recently parted ways with Gavin Rossdale, who was reportedly having an affair with Mindy Mann. Mann worked as a nanny for the two and cared for their children, Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston. Rossdale and Stefani were married for 13 years.

For his part, Shelton recently announced his divorce from Miranda Lambert. Although the two have yet to officially reveal the details concerning their split, it is thought that an affair may have been the cause of their decision to break up. Either way, Shelton's divorce was only months apart from Stefani's.

At the same time, following Stefani's affectionate outing with Shelton, the singer was sighted spending a little down time with her sons. According to the Daily Mail, Stefani was seen picking up her kids for a lunchtime date in L.A.

In the photos, Stefani is shown wearing a two-toned green jacket over a pair of weathered jeans and bright red heels. Her sons mirrored the look of their mother, with each displaying their own unique tastes for fashion, including her middle son carrying a pet bird.

The recent sighting of Stefani follows the first time the singer and Shelton openly kissed each other in public. Based on their interactions so far and their willingness to display their love in public, there is little doubt that fans will see more of the two love birds in the coming months.

Although fans will not be able to see Stefani on The Voice in the new season, it is thought that she will be replaced by Christina Aguilera. Aguilera was the original female judge on The Voice.

Tell us! Do you agree with Blake Shelton that a fifth coach should be added to The Voice? Let us know in the comments below.

[Photo by Trae Patton/NBC Universal]