Louis Tomlinson: Insidious Attacks On One Direction Star Continue

It seems that One Direction heart-throb Louis Tomlinson has been under attack in the media for months now, and it seems that Louis isn’t going to get a respite anytime soon. Louis and his One Direction bandmates must be well aware that everything they say or do in public will be reported in the gossip columns, and Tomlinson is no doubt guarded as a result. However, over the past few weeks, there have been numerous stories that portray Tomlinson as some sort of pantomime villain.


It has previously been reported by The Inquisitr that much of the rhetoric surrounding Tomlinson seems to stem from U.K. tabloid The Sun. It was that paper that broke the story that Louis was to become a father, and their stories often claim information from “unnamed sources close to One Direction.” It may be completely coincidental that Pete Samson, the U.S. editor of the Sun, is married to Simon Cowell’s PR chief Anne-Marie Samson, but many fans suspect that she is the route of the stories.

At the end of October, Sun ran a major story that claimed that animosity between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles is the reason for One Direction splitting, at least temporarily. The claim was that Louis and Harry are barely on speaking terms and cannot even abide being in the same room.

Columnist Dan Wootton claimed that this has been the case since 2012 and said that the source of the conflict between the two is unknown. Wootton also claimed that Tomlinson’s drug use was a major source of conflict within One Direction.

Since then it seems that it has been open season on Tomlinson. In recent weeks, we have seen a raft of further stories about Tomlinson emerge, and few have been complimentary.

The Daily Mail reported that a source had told Sun that Louis had been kicked out of a Newcastle hotel at 4 A.M. after trashing his room. The Mirror then reported that Louis was “cozying up to” actress Danielle Campbell after the pair were photographed enjoying a milkshake together.


Almost inevitably, after a rush of speculation as to whether Tomlinson and Campbell were dating, claims emerged that Louis had “dumped” pregnant girlfriend Briana Jungwirth. Ironically that story was widely reported by the Mirror who just days before had claimed that Louis was a single man.

After a couple of weeks silence, it seems that the Sun are once again the source of another story that paints Tomlinson in a poor light. Earlier today, the Sun claimed that Louis was ditched by his band-mates at a party thrown for them by Simon Cowell after Sunday’s X-Factor final. It seems that Dan Wootton’s elusive “One Direction insider” is once again the source of a story that claims all four members of One Direction went to the party but Louis was left “to party alone.”

“Harry had his own section and was being treated like a king. Everyone was running around him. But he didn’t stay for long.”

“Louis carried on longer than any of the boys then went clubbing with his school friends. It was a massive night in 1D’s history, so it’s sad they didn’t party together. I’m not surprised though.”

Unreality TV cite the Sun as the source of their information when they suggest that “Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles refused to party together” and that Harry steered clear of Louis.


It seems clear that Tomlinson is being portrayed in a negative light at present. His charitable efforts are going largely unreported, and the attacks are often subtle and insidious. Earlier this year the Sony e-mail leaks revealed the extent to which the image of Louis and his band-mates had been manipulated. Tomlinson and his pals are part of a billion dollar brand that has been carefully nurtured.

It seems that, since announcing they were to take a lengthy break, Louis has been continually under attack. Disconcertingly, it is claimed that the information used in those attacks comes from “a source close to One Direction.” Many fans wonder whether elements of One Direction’s team are deliberately setting out to tarnish Tomlinson’s image for some reason.

At times it seems like Tomlinson is public enemy No 1. Doubtless Tomlinson, like every human on the planet, has his faults, but many feel that Louis Tomlinson is being unfairly attacked in a particularly nasty and insidious way. Some fans believe that this is as a result of Tomlinson refusing to “play ball” with management over the Briana Jungwirth story.

Let us know what you think about how Louis Tomlinson is being portrayed.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]