Watch GoPro Spectacular: Scottish Cyclist Rides The Spanish Rooftops [Viral Video]

GoPro trial cycling

Danny MacAskill is a keen trial cyclist who has taken an incredible death- and gravity-defying ride on the rooftops of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, Spain. He captured his exciting ride on GoPro HERO4 for the whole world to see.

One of Spain’s most popular vacation destinations, the island of Gran Canaria was the ideal spot for the 29-year-old cyclist to showcase his incredible skills, and the video shows the city of Las Palmas from a totally different angle.

Scottish-born MacAskill is one of the world’s most successful trial riders and has been riding for the past 18 years, gaining amazing skills while negotiating seriously difficult trails.

In an interview on the official GoPro website, MacAskill was asked why he chose Gran Canaria, to which he replied he wanted somewhere that would be “nice and sunny.”

“Also somewhere nice and colorful that works really well on camera. We needed to find all this with nice, flat roofs, so I could ride atop them and do gaps between the buildings.”

And do amazing gaps he certainly did. Watch as MacAskill negotiates narrow ledges and walls, dropping up to four storeys down as he travels from rooftop to rooftop. Traversing through people’s drying laundry, surprised residents on their rooftop terraces, and the occasional cat, his journey is certainly colorful indeed.

And as for the absolutely amazing and breathtaking final stunt, that has to be seen to be believed in the video included here.

Titled “Cascadia” and running for five minutes, the GoPro video of MacAskill’s skillful stunt was published on YouTube on December 10th and has already attracted close on seven million views at the time of writing, along with almost 85,000 likes.

The video was produced by Mount Creative for GoPro in conjunction with Vision Ramps, using HERO4 cameras throughout. The daredevil cyclist himself wears a GoPro camera on his helmet throughout his amazing ride, capturing some pretty amazing first-hand footage along the way.

The description reads, “Join Danny MacAskill on an insane journey across the rooftops of Gran Canaria. Mixing vertigo-inducing lines and killer POV-footage, “Cascadia” delivers some incredible riding.”

In English and Spanish, the producers of the video went on to thank the residents of Las Palmas, “A special thanks to the people of Gran Canaria who opened their homes to us and helped make this project a reality.”

Speaking of the local residents, Redbull asked MacAskill how they handled what was virtually an invasion of privacy, with him cycling on people’s roof terraces.

Saying the locals were very friendly and welcoming, he responded, “We went knocking on the doors asking if we could get up on top of the rooftops. They were very welcoming and next thing would be I had to bring my bike up there. I think it would have been very difficult to do that anywhere else in the world.”

This isn’t the first stunt by MacAskill to go viral on YouTube via a GoPro video, however, as he gave up his job as a mechanic some time back to focus on his trial cycling. One of his amazing feats has been uploaded as “The Ridge,” featuring him riding the steep Cuillin Ridge in the Isle of Skye. That video has attracted close to an amazing 40 million views and has been given the thumbs up 208,000 times.

He gave up his job as a mechanic to focus on riding and has released various other GoPro videos on YouTube. Just for fun, the video “The Ridge” is also included below.

[Photo screen capture via YouTube]