DJ Khaled Snapchat: Stranded In The Ocean Posting Hilarious Minute-By-Minute Updates [Video]

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat has been picking up speed across the web as one of the most hilarious accounts to grace the next generation social media app. Even the likes of Justin Bieber have been making parodies of the video messages that he’s been sharing with his fans.

Those weeks of Snapchat gems may have culminated today when DJ Khaled got lost at sea on a jet ski in the middle of the night. What started out as a lighthearted adventure took a turn when the inescapable rapper/producer realized why, as he puts it, there are laws against late night rides into the ocean.

The newest Snapchat from DJ Khaled is already being hailed as one of his best by fans. One of the recurring lines from his posts are his many “keys to success,” a line that he had to flip around a few times during his ill-fated midnight excursion Monday evening — turns out being trapped in night surrounded by water is not a great way to capture success. Unless, of course, you measure that positive effect by the amount of press attention and fan love he’s likely to get hit with for this newest outing.

Other followers of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat seemed to have been a little bit concerned that these would be the final gifts that he would be bestowing on them. For those who kept up with the chat live, it was a bit of a nail biter as to whether or not our social media-savvy hero was about to disappear from Snapchat forever.

best Snapchat of DJ Khaled yet

DJ Khaled has only been active on Snapchat for about three months, but in that time he’s become one of the most talked-about users. His contributions tend to balance somewhere between off-the-wall comedy and genuine deadpan tips for life. The most popular of those offerings generally land somewhere between those two styles and gives the world a truly bizarre entry — one that just might be completely serious. Case in point: DJ Khaled swears by cocoa butter.

“The ladies always say, ‘How do you smell so good?’ I use no cologne. Cocoa butter is the key.”

Snapchat of DJ Khaled is very good

What do you think? Was DJ Khaled’s Snapchat of being lost at sea his best yet?

[Images via Snapchat and Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for National Basketball Players Association]