Tennessee Drivers Now Using iPads To Renew Drivers Licenses

Drivers in Tennessee can now visit their local DMV and use one of 72 iPad kiosk when renewing their drivers license. The program was implemented by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security at a cost of nearly $80,000. The new iPad renewal stations are offered throughout 26 of the states driver service centers and was implemented to speed up the time required to renew a persons license.

Known as ASSETS (automatic self-service electronic terminals) the kiosk’s are primarily located in Urban centers where lines are longer and wait times are nearly unbearable.

Using the new system drivers can fill out forms electronically before they choose to pay with a debit or credit card. After the renewal process is completed the iPad sends the renewal order and a new license is ready to pick up at the counter just several minutes later.

The kiosks also allows drivers to change their designated address or pay reinstatement fees.

According to Commissioner Bill Gibbons:

“Reducing the wait time at driver service centers is one of our top priorities. These self-service iPad stations will cut down on the number of customers waiting for service from a driver license examiner and will help reduce the overall wait time for all customers.”

Whether or not the program will actually work in reducing wait times for DMV customers is yet to be seen, however given the long wait times at many locations, especially in Urban areas its likely customers will take to the new iPad kiosk system as quickly as humanly possible.