Unicorns, Moon Elf Race Coming To ‘Neverwinter’ On Xbox One This Week

After maintenance this week, Neverwinter on the Xbox One will include the Moon Elf race, unicorn mounts, and much more with the introduction of the Knight of the Fey wild Pack available in the Zen Market. The new item unlocks access to the Moon Elf race as well as providing a new mount, companion, character slot, and much more.

Specifically, the Knight of the Feywild Pack in Neverwinter contains access to the Moon Elf race, the Dawn Unicorn mount, the Slyph Companion character, an extra character slot, the Laomweave Enchantment, the Moonsilver Regalia equipment, the Stone of Earth neck item, the Adventurer’s Helper Pack, and the “Knight of the Feywild” title. As the Arc Games website states, the Adventurer’s Helper Pack contains one Greater Stone of Health, one experience booster, five Scrolls of Mass Life, five Portable Altars, 10 Greater Scrolls of Identification, and 25 Skill Kits.

The Moon Elf race in Neverwinter utilizes its own racial features just like any race in the game. The race, with a noticeable hyacinthine skin tone, benefits from the Wanderlust and Moon Elf Resilience racial abilities. Wanderlust lets a Moon Elf gain Action Points one percent quicker and regenerate Stamina one percent better. The Moon Elf Resilience racial makes them 10 percent more resistant to crowd control. Moreover, Moon Elf characters also receive a plus two boost to Intelligence and a plus two boost to either Dexterity or Charisma.

The Slyph Companion in the pack [Image via Arc Games]

Buying the Knight of the Feywild Pack lets a player make as many Moon Elf characters as they please, but the pack only comes with one additional character slot. The Dawn Unicorn mount, Sylph Companion, and all other features of the pack are usable by all characters on the account, though. That means all characters have access to Moonsilver Regalia clothing, the armor enchantment, the neck item, the Adventurer’s Helper Pack, and the title.

According to a post on the official Twitter account for Neverwinter, the Knight of the Feywild Pack will be available immediately after maintenance tomorrow on the Xbox One. The pack is priced at $59.99 for the PC version of the MMORPG with a similar price point likely for the Xbox One. The Dusk Unicorn is 4,000 Zen on the PC, making it around $37 if a 5,000 Zen bundle is purchased specifically for the mount. Neverwinter players can offset the cost of anything in the Zen Market by purchasing Zen with the Astral Diamonds currency available in game. Players can earn and save Astral Diamonds from a number of sources by just playing the game. Refining the diamonds lets players trade Astral Diamonds for Zen that can used in the Zen Market.

The Dawn Unicorn in Neverwinter [Image via Arc Games]

In addition to the Knight of the Feywild Pack, Xbox One Neverwinter players will also notice the new Dusk Unicorn mount in the Zen Market, as well. This mount is available separately from the new pack, allowing players to acquire a unicorn mount without purchasing the larger pack. The Dusk Unicorn also looks completely different from the unicorn in the Feywild Pack sporting a darker, more nefarious look.

Neverwinter on Xbox One most recently updated with the “Strongholds” update with the “Underdark” module on the way. As the Inquisitr reported, the “Stronghold” update added the largest map ever to Neverwinter. It allows guilds to tame the land and claim their very own keep. After building up their defenses, guilds can now defend their stronghold against other player attacks. A well-built stronghold unlocks buffs for a guild’s members, like increased experience gain, as well as other benefits.

“Underdark,” the expansion yet to release on Xbox One, boasts a series of quests written by R.A. Salvatore featuring Drizzt Do’Urden. Additionally, two new skirmishes, a new raid, and revamp to the Tarmalune Trade Bar Store, are all a part of the module coming to Xbox One. There is currently no release date set for the release of “Underdark” on the Xbox One version of Neverwinter. It is expected early in 2016.

[Image via Arc Games]