Michael Jackson New Media: Book, Film, Covered By The Weeknd

Over the first weeks of December, Michael Jackson is being remembered in unique ways to celebrate the undeniable fact that Michael Jackson was a true "genius."

Fans love to hear about the unique aspects of Michael Jackson's life, and few writers will forgo a chance to highlight something out-of-the-ordinary when reviewing MJ.

For example, TIME recently looked back at the original movie The Wiz (1978) that starred Michael Jackson and stated the following.

"When The Wiz began filming in New York, the 27-year-old producer moved Michael Jackson and [sister] La Toya into a Manhattan apartment, and Michael was on his own for the first time. He lived a normal life, except for a strange habit Cohen happened to discover—taking baths in Perrier water."
However, this is not the only recent comment concerning the eccentric nature of Michael Jackson.

In reviewing the new biography by Steve Knopper, the New Yorker states that, MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson, covers some of those unique areas of Michael's life in truly brilliant ways. For example, the New Yorker argues that one of the biggest contrasts in Michael Jackson's life was the "banality of his demise" and stated the following.

"All that really happened is that [Michael Jackson] was great, and those around him became fixated on how much money he could make. Having never learned how to be a responsible adult, he made terrible choices about how to handle his otherworldly power … 'Michael began to run perilously low on people who could tell him what not to do.'"
In speaking with ABC7 in Chicago, Steve Knopper said in an interview that Michael Jackson might have been eccentric like James Brown, but part of the genius of Michael Jackson was how he took all of these strange things and "took it to the next level."

Other new media where Michael Jackson is the focus comes in the form of an impressive cover of "Dirty Diana." According to Entertainment Online, The Weeknd is racking up Grammy nominations, and did an impressive cover of his hero, Michael Jackson.

This may come as no surprise to fans of The Weeknd because he recently cited Michael Jackson as an inspiration in an interview with Pitchfork. About his feelings for Michael Jackson, The Weeknd stated the following.

"When Michael [Jackson] died, it felt like part of my family died. I want [my fans] to know that my music is for them and if, god forbid, anything happened [to me], it would be like a piece of them is gone. That's what he made me feel. That's what I want to do. I'm grabbing that side of me and putting it out to the world."
Because Michael Jackson is still able to evoke sincere words like these in others, it is not hard to believe that there are two films about facets of his life being produced in 2015. One of the films that specifically focused on Michael Jackson's pet chimp, Bubbles, has already made it to the top of an acclaimed film list, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The other Michael Jackson biopic that is getting recognition is Spike Lee's submission to the Sundance Film Festival. According to Essence, Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, is Spike Lee's attempt to show that MJ was a "hard worker."

Spike Lee is a fan of Michael Jackson's and has attended many of his post-humus events.
Spike Lee is a fan of Michael Jackson and frequently attends his tribute shows. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil]As it appears, there will likely be more Michael Jackson media created in the future as others come forward with their experiences. For instance, Today recently re-posted an interview from 2011 where Savannah Guthrie grilled the doctor that was later prosecuted for manslaughter related to Michael Jackson's death.

About the interview, Guthrie stated, "I don't think he expected that I would have studied as hard or known the detailed facts of the case as well as I tried to do, and so I think he was a little taken aback at how detailed the questioning got."

For fans interested in any other newly emerging Michael Jackson facts, the insurance company that once covered MJ has finally been sold. According to the Telegraph, Entertainment Insurance Partners (EIP) sold to the American firm, Integro.

While they have not revealed any specific details about Michael Jackson yet, the former owners of EIP are doing interviews where they discuss details behind-the-scenes about celebrities covered by their policies.

This could be especially interesting for fans since a subsidiary of EIP, Robertson Taylor, was part of Michael Jackson's death trial, according to Express.

In addition to other aspects of Michael Jackson's career, Robertson Taylor was one of the underwriters for the show at O2 Arena in London (that Michael Jackson never performed because he unexpectedly passed away), according to Business Insurance.

Michael Jackson death details could emerge due to the sale of the insurance company.
The insurance company that was involved in Michael Jackson's death trial could reveal new details since their company was recently sold. [Photo by Al Seib-Pool/Getty Images][Photo by Gary Merrin/Stringer/Getty Images]