Yolanda Foster Divorce Drama: David Foster Wants Refund On Yolanda’s Mounting Medical Bills

Yolanda Foster Divorce Drama

David Foster reportedly wants his estranged wife, Yolanda Foster, to pay up for all of the medical bills she incurred battling Lyme disease. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her husband are in the middle of a high-profile divorce that is believed to have evolved due to her illness.

According to Radar Online, David is demanding that his estranged wife refund him all the money he forked out in order for her to seek alternative medical treatments around the world. According to an insider who spoke with the celebrity news site, the Fosters’ lawyers are “attempting to reach a settlement that will allow them to file for divorce and submit the proposed agreement to the judge all at the same time.” The medical bills are the latest problem for the Fosters.

David “spent a fortune on medical treatments for Yolanda’s Lyme disease that weren’t covered by medical insurance,” the source told Radar. “As the expensive alternative medical treatments progressed and David wasn’t seeing her get any better, he urged Yolanda to stop going overseas.”

Yolanda didn’t want to stop going overseas to seek medical treatments. The insider went on to say that Yolanda “absolutely refused, and David was stuck paying the bills.”

Apparently, David’s record label is shutting down and he’s in need of the money.

Yolanda Foster is said to be “disgusted” that David is seeking a refund and has told her attorney not to even consider that as part of their divorce settlement.

Yolanda Foster's estranged husband is making some strong demands in divorce settlement (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP).

Yolanda isn’t up a creek, however. She has another rich ex-husband with whom she’s on good terms with — Mohamed Hadid. He’s currently paying for all of Yolanda’s bills. The source said if it weren’t for Hadid, she’d be struggling financially.

A source speaking with Us magazine said it was David Foster who pushed for the divorce because it felt “more like union” to him than a marriage. It “didn’t make sense” for them to stay together, the insider said.

When Yolanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live on December 8, she told Andy Cohen that they had a “beautiful love story,” but it wasn’t strong enough to “withstand the circumstances that came our way.”

Endless chatter have surrounded David and his role in the divorce. Another Radar Online report claims that Yolanda’s soon-to-be ex believed that she was faking her illness.

“David is telling friends he believes she was cured of it long ago, but she’s been playing up ongoing symptoms because she enjoys the attention,” said the source.

For the last three seasons that Yolanda has been on RHOBH, David Foster has been by his wife’s side supporting her through thick and thin. This season of the reality show will paint an unflattering picture of David. Yolanda is seen talking about how busy her husband is and how he wants to be the man who does what he has to in his career.

Over time, however, Yolanda’s sickness took a toll on David. The source went on to say that he did support her for a very long time before everything unraveled.

David Foster was by Yolanda's side for years until her illness took a toll on their marriage (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello).

“There was no doubt Yolanda was struggling and David was there to support her. In the beginning, David went with her to all of her doctor’s appointments, including the overseas trips for other treatment,” Radar’s insider said.

Other reports have consistently stated that David Foster was embarrassed by the fame his wife brought into their life via Real Housewives. Sources say he felt overshadowed not only by his wife, but her daughters and their modeling careers. It’s believed that he feels all of this combined has damaged his own professional career.

Will Yolanda Foster have to refund David for all of her medical bills?

[Photo Credit: AP Photo/Francesco Bellini]