New ‘Deadpool’ Trailer Releases Christmas Day

What more could Deadpool fans want for Christmas than a brand new trailer for the upcoming Marvel film? Well, they’ll get that for sure, but before the big holiday arrives, they’re going to get a lot more Deadpool-related things to whet their appetite.

20th Century Fox unveiled a new video that shows Deadpool sitting in front of the camera, with what appears to be egg nog in his hand, explaining a new event that is taking place over the course of the 12 days before the new Deadpool trailer arrives on Christmas Day. The event is called the 12 Days of Deadpool. Each day, there will be something new released in relation to the upcoming Deadpool movie, and each one will be released by a different outlet. For example, the first day of Deadpool saw a brand new poster that was first released by Entertainment Weekly, which is featured below.

A Brand New Deadpool Poster The new ‘Deadpool’ poster unveiled by Entertainment Weekly. [Image via Deadpool Facebook page]For the second day of Deadpool, People is going to release something new, but it’s not certain if it will be another poster, some exclusive footage, or something else. Other outlets participating in the 12 Days of Deadpool include Empire, Fandango, and Mashable. For a full list, check out the video in full below.