Revenge Porn Regret: Mother of Newborn Put On The Sex Offenders’ Register After Her Boyfriend Cheated With A Teenager

Lorraine Donoghue had just recently become a mother when she made a shocking discovery about the father of her child that allegedly drove her to commit a horrendous act in anger. The mother explained that after discovering her boyfriend had been cheating on her with a teenager while she was in labor, she sent pictures of their lewd sexual acts to family and friends; however, her actions put her on the sex offenders’ registry.

The 32-year-old admits that her actions were “nasty” and is hoping that her story can serve as a precautionary tale to others to not act in haste and do what she did. The mother of three had just given birth to her and her partner’s, 37-year-old boyfriend Willie Crawford, daughter six weeks before she found a pair of panties and a sex toy under his bed.


When confronted by Lorraine, the father of four had initially denied the affair. She said, he “denied cheating on me and then threw me out on the street with our baby girl.” Then, she recalled knowing the password to his Facebook account. The mother discovered that Crawford had long made plans to discard the mother of his child along with the child for an 18-year-old girl. Numerous messages between the cheating boyfriend and his young lover revealed that Crawford had told her before that he would chose her over his new born daughter.

Donoghue spoke to the Daily Record and conveyed how badly her rash actions would haunt her.

“I regret what I did, I got into a lot of trouble and although it’s no excuse, I acted in the heat of the moment out of hurt and anger.”

Donoghue also discovered that her boyfriend had very graphic photographs and home-made sex tapes of himself and the 18-year-old. He had even been sharing the sex tapes with several of his friends, who laughed and asked for more.

Donoghue’s anger and hurt feelings resulted in some decisions that almost landed her in prison. She forwarded several of the graphic photographs to her own friends in a private message on the social network site. She also sent the pictures to the teenager’s mother and her boyfriend with the message, “Here’s your girlfriend.” According to Buzzfeed, after Lorraine Donoghue had found the objects in her boyfriend’s house, she said the teenager had started to taunt her and it was a moment of “madness and utter desperation and anger” that fueled her revenge. The pictures had time and date stamps, and one proved that Crawford had been out cheating on her even while she was in labor with their child.

“In the end, he wasn’t worth it. I am a mum and have kids to think about and I shouldn’t have done what I did. I just want to move on and put the mess behind me but I want other women to be aware of the real dangers of getting back at any cheating lover.”


Scotland has made several severe laws to crack down on revenge porn, and the mother was brought to court because of her anger at a cheating boyfriend which resulted in her being placed on the sex offender’s registry. It was back in October that the court carried out its sentence on the mother after she pleaded guilty to contravening the Telecommunications Act by sending indecent or obscene photos by means of a public electronic communications network.

The sex offenders registry is usually reserved for rapists and pedophiles; a sheriff took pity on the mother last week and has ordered her name removed from the list. Sheriff Linda Smith ruled that Lorraine had acted out of revenge and did not have sexual motives.

Lorraine Donoghue has been placed under ­15 months of supervision and has to complete 120 hours of unpaid work because she sent those pictures. The possibility also exists that her former boyfriend could claim personal damages if he can prove he was adversely affected.

[Photo via Lorraine Donoghue’s Facebook]