‘Jane The Virgin’ Spoilers: Season 2 Fall Finale Brings Tension And Mystery, When Will The Show Return With New Episodes?

'Jane the Virgin' star Gina Rodriguez

The Season 2 fall finale of Jane the Virgin airs Monday night, and fans can’t wait to see what happens. It is time for Mateo’s first Christmas, but that does not mean that everything is merry between Jane and Rafael. What Jane the Virgin spoilers are available for the December 14 episode? When will the show be back with new episodes?

As TV Guide details, this episode is titled “Chapter Thirty,” and viewers will see Rafael and Jane continue to struggle in their relationship as they work to co-parent Mateo. They will come together to give the little guy a taste of the holiday season, including a visit to Santa, but that doesn’t mean it goes smoothly.

Drama on the family front isn’t the only challenge Jane is facing in this Season 2 mid-season finale. Jane had been under the impression that she was in good shape with a scholarship for her graduate school studies. However, Jane the Virgin spoilers tease a major hiccup ahead.

It seems that Jane will learn that the scholarship she thought she had was something her father Rogelio made up, and now she is in a tough spot. Jane will scramble, hoping that she can gain a teaching assistant position to cover her tuition, but that isn’t an option, either.

Professor Chavez will let Jane know of a short story contest that could make a dent in her fees, but the contest genres are not exactly up Jane’s alley. Regardless, she will dig in and see if she can make some magic happen.

Tuesday’s mid-season finale also has some comical Rogelio action. Jane the Virgin spoilers share that he will be struggling to trust his new intern. Viewers got a big shocker in the last episode regarding Luisa’s mother, and Michael will be digging into this situation during Monday’s episode.

Jane the Virgin spoilers tease that Michael will have a theory to explore related to Luisa’s mother. There have been plenty of twists and turns with this situation, so it will be interesting to see where Michael is headed on this front. Is her mother really alive and connected to Sin Rostro?

It seems there will be more drama with Petra in Monday’s midseason finale, as well. As fans know, Magda has created yet another messy situation for Petra in terms of Ivan’s death. Petra has been scrambling to cover this latest situation up, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more drama ahead on this front.

Just how will viewers be left hanging with Monday’s finale? There is still quite a lot to come yet in the second half of the season, including a wedding for Jane.

It will take some time to see just who Jane chooses, as showrunner Jennie Urman teased via TV Guide that there are likely some twists and turns ahead on the way to this monumental moment. Though it certainly seems that Jane will ultimately walk down the aisle with either Michael or Rafael, viewers likely will have to wait until very late in Season 2 to see this come together.

When will Jane the Virgin return with new episodes in Season 2? Luckily, the winter hiatus will not be terribly long in this case. According to Zap2It, new episodes begin again on Monday, January 25.

Will Jane and Rafael find their way back to one another again, or has too much damage been done to the relationship? Will Michael tie up all the loose ends with Sin Rostro and win Jane back? Fans will have to stay tuned for more Jane the Virgin spoilers as the second half of the season draws near.

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