Louis CK Skips Ticketmaster, Begins Selling Tickets Directly To Fans

James Johnson

Last year it cost nearly $90 to attend a Louis CK comedy show and this year fans of the raunchy comedian can see him perform for just $45 with no added ticketing fees. That's because Louis CK announced on Tuesday that he will be selling tickets for his upcoming shows without the help of Ticketmaster or another ticketing service.

By offering tickets on his own Louis CK is able to remove annoying "ticketing charges" associated with buying concert tickets and because the tickets can only be purchased through his personal website it will allow him to better connect with his fans.

Furthering his effort to remove ticketing services from the equation he has promised that any tickets sold for more than their face value will be canceled and money from the sale will be refunded to the original buyer. By eliminated high value ticket sales Louis CK ensures that real fans attend the show without paying two or three times the original cost for a ticket.

The move to offer his services directly comes after the comedian made more than $1 million in a one week period after selling his self-produced comedy album directly to his fans in late 2011.

In an email sent to Pop Culture Brain Louis CK writes:

"Doing things this way means I'm making less than I would have made if I did a standard tour. But I like doing more shows and about a year ago I reached a place where I realized I am making enough money doing comedy so the next thing that interested me is bringing your price down. Either way, I still make a whole lot more than my grandfather who taught math and raised chickens in Michigan."