‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: First Four Episode Titles, A Return, And More Teased

The 100 is ready for Season 3 on CW.

The 100 is getting ready to return to CW next month, and the excitement is building. Fans have been waiting for the return of this series for months, and that time is getting closer. Fans will see The 100 Season 3 premiere air on January 21.

Yes, that is a new night for the series. If you looked at the calendar, that is a Thursday night, and that means The 100 has taken over the time slot of The Originals. Both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have been moved to Friday nights, and they will return on January 29.

There are a lot of teasers out for the upcoming season. Critics and people in the industry already received their screeners for the first four episodes of The 100 Season 3, and many were happy to share the arrival of the DVD screeners. Some snapped photos of the two DVDs and posted on Twitter.

With that photo, one can see that the two-part season premiere is titled “Wanheda Part 1” and “Wanheda Part 2.” The titles for Season 3 Episode 3 and Season 3 Episode 4 were also revealed.

“Episode 3.03 – Ye Who Enter Here

Episode 3.04 – Watch the Thrones”

Entertainment Weekly also shared new The 100 spoilers about the upcoming season, and the spoilers tease big trouble ahead for one character.

“As you may have heard, the season essentially picks up three months after the events of the finale. ‘Clarke’s on the run basically,’ Eliza Taylor tells me. ‘She’s out by herself in the woods trying to come to terms what she’s done.’ But she won’t be alone for very long. As the recent teaser revealed, Clarke is being hunted by just about everyone, though she will come across a friendly face in the premiere.”

The CW has teased big things for the upcoming season. In a press release about the upcoming night change for The 100 shared by Spoiler TV, the network teased a bit about what fans can expect out The 100 Season 3.

“The battle against Mount Weather has been won. The prisoners have returned home to a world seemingly at peace, but can they find peace within themselves after what they had to do to escape? And is there more to life than just surviving? Unfortunately, their newfound sense of normalcy will be short-lived, and their lives will be changed forever, as threats both old and new test their loyalties, push them past their limits, and make them question what it truly means to be human.”

The 100 will be joined by the latest addition to the Arrow universe. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will take over the time slot currently owned by The Vampire Diaries. Many fans have speculated that the move to Friday night for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals means that death is coming to both of those series – no pun intended there.

Both of the series by Julie Plec have remained popular with loyal fans, but they are also both rated low. Fans have not been pleased by the turn of events on the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries. The CW has renewed their popular line-up early each year, so fans will have to wait and see if The Vampire Diaries earns an early renewal early in 2016 like it has in previous seasons.

The 100 has a loyal fan base that is excited to see the series return of the third season. The delay did not hurt the fan support of the series at all it seems.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of The 100 to The CW in January? Will you be watching on January 21?

[Photo via The CW]