Kristin Cavallari’s Brother Was Paranoid And Delusional Before Death

Whether it was mental illness, substance abuse, or mania, Michael Cavallari wasn’t well before he ended up dead in remote Utah. Before the body of Michael Cavallari was found, he had been arrested after threatening a woman and wandering aimlessly up the California coast.

According to the Inquisitr, last week, Kristin Cavallari, wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, went public to say that the body found in Utah was that of her troubled brother Michael. It seems that nobody even knew he was missing until his car was found abandoned, running off the road with his cell phone and laptop inside. It is still unclear why he was in Utah or why he left his old Honda by the side of the road after being released from jail after his arrest on domestic violence charges. There seem to be more questions than answers.


Radar Online is reporting that Michael Cavallari’s delusions had gotten so bad before his death that he thought the CIA was out to get him. His final days were full of torment. Tenants of Michael and Kristin Cavallari’s father said that Michael Cavallari had been wandering the property aimlessly in the days before he disappeared.

“I remember a few times we’d see him ranting in the back yard, shouting that the CIA was coming to get him,” one tenant of Michael’s father, Dennis, told Radar Online in an exclusive interview. “He seemed paranoid, completely out of it.”

Steve Doyle, a friend of Michael Cavallari’s, shed more light on his state of mind at the time he went missing.

“He wanted out of California and he was struggling with alcohol and wanted to get away from everything,” Steve said in an exclusive interview.

He lived on Doyle’s couch for a while.

“Michael would come over early in the morning, around 7am, and ask me if I wanted to drink a beer with him, which was a little odd,” said one tenant. “When I refused he’d get mad.”


The Chicago Sun Times says that for now, the cause of death for Michael Cavallari is exposure.

“Michael Cavallari, 30, who had been missing since Nov. 27, was found dead on Thursday, not far from where he had abandoned his car, a few miles off Interstate-70 in Green River, Utah.”

The car was running and the airbag had deployed. He had left all of his belongings in the vehicle, including his phone.

“The remains were near the bottom of a steep hillside filled with boulders, about 3 miles northwest of where Michael Cavallari’s car was discovered the morning of Nov. 27. There were no bullet holes, stab wounds or other signs of foul play. It’s now up to the medical examiner to determine how he died, with toxicology reports certain to play a factor, Grand County Sheriff Steven White said.”


OK! Magazine explained that Cavallari was on uneven terms with much of his family, including a step brother who says that he is “mad at him.”

“I’m mad at him,” Cavallari’s stepbrother Drew Spies confessed to Radar. “He’s a selfish guy.”

It seems that Cavallari was caught up in his own addiction and problems and didn’t think much about others.

“Spies also called Michael ‘stupid’ and claimed that erratic behavior was not out of the ordinary for Kristin Cavallari’s brother.”

Do you think Michael Cavallari meant to wander off into the wilderness?

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