‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Belle & Philip Reunite, Sparks Fly

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Belle and Philip reunite.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week reveal that Belle will have some catching up to do with the men from her past. Of course, fans are eager to see Belle and Philip’s reunion, and reports suggest that those old sparks may still be there for the former spouses.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Belle and Philip will run into one another, as Salem residents often do, and there will immediately be sparks between them. DOOL fans may remember that Belle and Philip were once married, and for a while, Philip believed Belle’s daughter Claire to be his own until it was revealed that Shawn Brady was actually the father of the little girl. Shawn and Belle then got married and left Salem to sail around the world on the Brady boat.

Recently, Days of Our Lives viewers were thrilled with Jason Cook reprising the role of Shawn, and then Martha Madison came back to DOOL as Belle Black. However, it was soon revealed that while the couple had been away and living in Maine, their marriage was falling apart. Belle told her parents, John and Marlena, that Shawn worked long hours and was hardly ever home. She ultimately did something unthinkable: she cheated on him with a man she became close with.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Belle has cheated on Shawn. In fact, she once slept with ex-husband Philip Kiriakis while with Shawn, who later forgave the love of his life. However, Shawn is not so easy to forgive this time. When Belle told him she wanted to move back to Salem with Claire, he decided to return to his life in Maine. Jason Cook then exited the role, much to viewers disappointment. Thankfully for Shawn and Belle fans, the couple won’t be missing the pair for long. Actor Brandon Beemer will be taking over the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady in 2016, which is sure to cause quite a love triangle for Belle, Shawn, and Philip if Belle still has feelings for both her ex-husband and estranged husband, which is something that Days of Our Lives fans have seen in the past.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives viewers will also see Belle reconnect with another important man in her life, her brother Brady Black. Brady and Belle haven’t had a proper reunion since she returned to Salem, and we’ll finally get to see the brother and sister get close again. Belle will actually need Brady to lean on, as she’s going through a lot with her impending divorce to Shawn and the crazy situation that her half-sister Sami has put her through.

Days of Our Lives' Shawn and Belle.

Sami recently gave Belle a lot of DiMera money to hold on to, and Andre DiMera is on to her scent. Has Sami put Belle in danger from the dastardly DiMera family? Can her brother figure out a way to help his little sister out of this sticky situation? Belle will have to confide in her big brother if she wants his help protecting herself, her daughter, and all the money.

Meanwhile, Philip will be busy getting back into the swing of running things at Titan, but his father, Victor, may not like his new ways. Will the stress of Philip taking over at Titan give Victor the heart attack that Caroline saw him have in her premonition? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you want to see Belle with Shawn or Philip?

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