Family Dog Saves Baby From Drowning In Pool [VIDEO]

A Michigan woman is praising the family pet after she found her 14-month old baby boy floating in a pool with their dog swimming under the boy trying to support his weight and keep him above the water.

Patricia Drauch was doing yard work on Sunday afternoon with her 14 month-old son Stanley by her side. The mother said she was fully aware he was there and then when turned away for only a second he had all of a sudden disappeared.

She roamed the house frantically trying to find her son until she finally made her way to the backyard where she spotted Stanley drowning in the pool with the family dog, Bear, trying to support the weight of the young child.

“It was scary. His lips were blue. His eyes were rolled back,” Drauch told News 8.

“It was the scariest feeling and the image stays in your head for a long time.”

According to MSN, Bear made no attempts to alert his owner that her son was drowning. It almost seemed as if the dog was afraid to do anything except support little Stanley’s weight in the pool.

“[Bear] wouldn’t move in the pool,” she said. “He didn’t bark. He didn’t move. It was like he was afraid to move at all until I got Stanley up out of the pool and that’s when [Bear] came up out of the pool with me.”

At that point, Patricia attempted to call 911 but was unable to get through. Taking action, she put Stanley in the car and rushed to the closest hospital. Luckily, Stanley regained consciousness en route to the hospital, coughing up water in the process.

The 14 moth-old boy was seen by doctors and released shortly after they determined that he was ok.

“I’d always told [Bear] since he was 4 weeks old that these are your babies, watch out,” said Drauch.

“He has big paws and they were little and I didn’t want him to step on them, so it paid off teaching him to watch out for them.”

According to News 8, Drauch’s husband plans to immediately put up fencing around the pool to ensure that an accident like this never happens again.

What do you think of Bear’s heroic actions to save the 14 month-old child from the family swimming pool?