Blake Shelton’s Body Language: Fake Smiles For The Cameras?

Blake Shelton The Voice

Blake Shelton announced this summer that he would be divorcing his wife, Miranda Lambert. People were shocked, because this marriage seemed like the one that would last in country music. But as it turns out, Shelton may have had some feelings for his co-host on The Voice, who was married herself. This summer, Gwen announced that she would also be divorcing, and it didn’t take long before they were kissing one another.

As it turns out, Blake Shelton isn’t holding back when it comes to his feelings. When they are out in public, he doesn’t mind showing some PDA with Gwen. He even made out with her during a recent date night, which is something Miranda may not want to see. But the experts believe that this could truly be the real thing.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Blake Shelton isn’t holding back when it comes to his relationship with Gwen Stefani. The two are both going through divorces, and some may think that this relationship could just be a rebound for both of them. But that isn’t the case if you ask the experts.

“They look very much in love and thrilled that they have found each other,” Liel Lowndes, body language expert and author of How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, revealed to Hollywood Life, adding, “It’s very understandable after the rocky romances they both have been through. His body language suggests he is warm and protective of her. Their wide open smiles indicate that they’re having a moment of sincere pleasure. It appears he is making her genuinely happy.”

Of course, Blake Shelton and Gwen may be somewhat private with their relationship. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t caught sometimes. They were caught kissing recently during a night out, and they were spotted laughing and touching during a recent car ride. There’s plenty of evidence that they can’t keep their hands off one another.

“His response is making her genuinely happy,” Liel adds, referring to the pictures of Gwen and Blake in a car, adding, “I’ve seen so many fake smiles on the faces of stars that it’s nice to see these two having a moment of sincere pleasure with each other.”

While Blake Shelton has moved on completely from his failed marriage, Miranda is still trying to put the pieces together. Miranda recently revealed to Cosmopolitan that she is struggling to move on, and she adds that some days are fueled by vodka.

“We were together for 10 years, married for four, were very quickly divorced, and are friends. I’m still processing everything and figuring out where to go and what happened. [Marriage is] a tough business, and we gave it our best college try,” Miranda Lambert told the Cosmopolitan, adding, “I just want to live a life full of everything. Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, ‘Man this sucks right now.’ I don’t necessarily want to know that I have really bad, long, lonely nights ahead of me, but I have had some, and I still have a bunch ahead of me. But it’s about living in the moment and feeling every tinge of pain, then waking up the next day and going, ‘All right, I’m going to ride my ponies. I’m going to have a girls’ night.’ That’s where I am. That’s where I’m gonna live.”

Even though Miranda and Shelton remain friends, one can imagine that she isn’t ready to see her estranged husband with another woman, especially one that works with him.

What do you think of the way Blake Shelton handled the divorce?

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