Phaedra Parks Says Her Divorce From Apollo Nida ‘Is In Process’

Phaedra Parks RHOA

Phaedra Parks announced last year that she would divorce Apollo Nida while he served time in jail on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Parks really didn’t want to stay married to Nida, and she could get some benefits if she divorced him while incarcerated. But she may have some trouble visiting him these days if she plans on stopping by. Before, Nida was staying in Kentucky at the FMC Lexington, and he is now living at the FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Apollo was transferred to New Jersey because it is a low-security prison. Since his crimes aren’t violent, it is possible that they felt he would be better served in New Jersey. And Phaedra Parks knows that this is the same jail that Joe Giudice will enter in March when he goes in to serve his time behind bars.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now revealing that the two husbands will meet one another in the prison. And don’t expect Parks to drive all the way up to New Jersey to handle her divorce. She may send a lawyer up there so she can stay at home in Atlanta with her two sons.

“He’s there,” Phaedra told Andy Cohen when she visited him on Watch What Happens Live.

Regarding if he’s met Joe, she added, “No, no he hasn’t. I’m sure they haven’t crossed paths, but I guess they will now.”

Phaedra’s husband may know who Joe Giudice is because his case rocked the entire Real Housewives franchise. However, Joe doesn’t watch Bravo, and he doesn’t watch any of the shows. He may not know or care about Apollo. And that may work out well for Phaedra Parks, who has become friends with the Real Housewives stars. As for Parks, she is still working out the details of her divorce. She admits that she is still married.

“I’m still married,” she said, adding that her divorce, “It’s in process.”

Parks has no interest in talking about the specifics of her divorce, but one can imagine that she is extremely hurt by his actions and will seek full custody of her sons. Phaedra wants her sons to have a strong and powerful role model, so she could be seeking out smart men in her community to help guide her sons. While Apollo may want to see his kids later on when he is released, he may have quite the battle since he is a repeat offender.

“You know, life is so short,” Phaedra recently told Entertainment Tonight, adding, “Thank god it’s short, because if it were too long, I’d never have any business at the funeral home… I try to live, you know, really by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. And so, when you think like that, you try to sow the right seeds, so that’s what I try to do, even with these mean heifers.”

Parks is shocked that her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars are arguing so much, especially the violent fight between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. She was shocked that Cynthia kicked Porsha in the stomach.

“It was crazy!” Phaedra revealed after watching her co-stars get into a fight, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I was freaked out. It went from bad to worse, very quickly, on this, er, wonderful boat. Well, canoe. I mean, the past few years, we’ve seen a different side of Cynthia. Much more mean, um, mean. Mean, nasty girl side, so, I guess this is who she’s become. She said she was finding herself, so I guess she found the mean girl and, it’s taken, you know, first position.”

What do you think of Phaedra Parks filing for divorce from Apollo Nida?

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