Jana Duggar Says God Has ‘Turned Beauty Out Of Ashes’, Joy-Anna Finds It Hard To Move On

Jill and Jessa: Counting On finally made its debut last night. While the focus may have been mainly on those two girls, Jana Duggar and some of her siblings were also on hand to talk about their brother Josh Duggar’s sexual scandal and everything that has happened since then.

As reported by Fox News. the premiere of the new TLC three-part special was certainly an emotional ride for the older Duggar kids, as they talked about the “stuff” that happened the “last four months.” Those two phrases seemed to have been used frequently during the interviews. It almost seemed that they just couldn’t bear to describe the scandal any other way.

The two most heartbreaking interviews may have been Jana Duggar and her younger sister, Joy-Anna. Although, Jinger Duggar was close behind, as those three girls are not usually the focus of any TLC shows. However, they have become favorites among devoted fans, in addition to Jill and Jessa. When Jana and Joy were prompted to start talking about Josh, you could certainly see the pain that he has caused them.

Jinger and Joy Duggar (Photo by Duggar Facebook)

The Duggar daughter stated how shocked she and her family were. She said that this situation with her brother has made all of them rethink their own lives. She admitted to having good days and bad, but the family is all going through the process together. Her sister, Jill Dillard, mentioned in her interview that they will come out stronger than ever.

Because of their strong Christian lifestyle, Jana Duggar turned the conversation to what God has done so far through this situation. She described it as “God has turned beauty out of ashes.” Does this statement mean that since everyone has forgiven Josh that life will be hunky dory once again? It may seem that way, but it most likely just means that they are starting to heal from everything that has happened.

Joy-Anna tearfully said in her segment that Josh was one of her role models. She admitted that it is hard to move on with life. That was a difficult statement coming from someone so young. It seems that Jana Duggar may feel the same way as her little sister.

Jana does sound like she may be having some trust issues since this whole Josh Duggar scandal exploded a few months ago, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. She questioned people who are close to her, or anyone else she knows, who may be hiding their true selves.

“Who do you trust? Can you look out and see all these people, and are they who they appear to be or are they just, you know, have these masks on and are something that they really aren’t?”

It seems that Jana is portrayed in the media as the one Duggar girl who is always “forced” to watch the babies of the family, and supposedly cook and clean. Many have referred her to “the Cinderella Duggar.” It is very doubtful that she feels that way about herself, as it looks like she enjoys spending time with the Duggar babies. She is 25 and still lives at home, and her younger sisters are getting married and having babies. This seems to make her a target of ridicule among others. Some people are trying to convince her to go out on her own to live her own life, but is that what she really wants? She has yet to speak out on her portrayal in the media.

Jana Duggar and baby Israel (Photo by Duggar Facebook)

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[Photo by the Duggars/Facebook]