Jimmy Fallon Talks Awkward Christmas Gifts With Eva Longoria, Breaks Plates With Brett Favre

Jimmy Fallon had Eva Longoria as a guest on The Tonight Show on Friday, December 4, and what a wild time the pair had. Longoria stars in a top Spanish soap opera and Entertainment Weekly reports that Longoria revealed the secret to great Spanish soap operas – the gasp, the glare, and the slap.

Apparently, on telenovelas they “get to slap each other a lot.” She tells a great story of a Venezuelan telenovela.

“There was a girl in a Venezuelan telenovela and she would slap people randomly in scenes. True story. She would be like, ‘Good morning! [Slap].’ “

Check out the silly telenovela scene with Jimmy Fallon and Longoria here.

Then Fallon played a game of Fast Family Feud with Longoria, and that was even funnier.

According to Entertainment Weekly, when the question of “What is a one-word greeting?” came up, “Hello” wasn’t even one of the top three. Neither was “Hi.” Jimmy Fallon was outraged!

“Excuse me? Is there a number higher than one? What the what is going on right now?”

The top three were as follows: No. 1 was “Hey,” No. 2 was “Yo,” and No. 3 was “Sup.”

Another question was a Christmas gift people don’t like to receive. The answers were as follows: No. 1 was “Socks,” No. 2 was “Fruitcakes,” and No. 3 was “Underwear.”

Yet, Jimmy Fallon had asked Longoria what the most awkward present was she had ever received, and she revealed that her elderly grandmother would accidentally get her lingerie when she was a kid, thinking they were pajamas.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, December 2, Brett Favre dropped into The Tonight Show. Earlier that day, Favre had his number retired by the Green Bay Packers. ESPN FC reports that backstage, before the show, Favre presented Jimmy Fallon with a jersey, but not a Green Bay Packers jersey. Instead, he gave Fallon his own, personalized Bayern Munich No. 10 shirt. The moment was captured on film and posted to Twitter. The caption was particularly fitting.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that Favre told Jimmy Fallon he was nervous coming back and about the reaction from fans.

“It felt like home again. There is no place like Green Bay. There really isn’t.”

Then Jimmy Fallon engaged in a throw-down with the retired football player. Fallon threw the four plates into the air, one at a time, and Favre had to hit each one. He said he hadn’t thrown a football in five years. Favre ended up hitting two of the four plates (and nearly hitting Fallon), which doesn’t give him the record.

The record is three plates and was set by New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees. Favre was quick to point out Brees is a more accurate passer.

“He’s a much more accurate passer than me, by the way.”

While speaking with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Favre also promoted his new documentary series, called The Timeline. The six-episode series covers Favre’s career and feature the vocal talents of Tim McGraw as the narrator.

Jimmy Fallon can truly bring out the clown in anyone, whether they are an actor or a sports personality. He also can really make a mess on the set of The Tonight Show. The people who have to clean up after him sometimes have their work cut out for them! But his messes, such as broken plates, are totally worth it for the laughs and good times Fallon has with his featured guests.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images]