Christina Milian Gets Taylor Swift Gift, Stars With Snoop Dogg, ‘Turned Up’ For Christmas

Headlines about Christina Milian seemed hinged on her breakup with Lil Wayne for far too long, but now the Christmas spirit appears to be taking over Christina. Thankfully, adding to Christina Milian’s holiday cheer are her family, Taylor Swift, and Snoop Dogg.

Christina Milian has been so entrenched in celebrating the holidays lately that other celebrities are taking notice. In addition to two contests (one Christmas-themed for fans and the other is for Make A Wish), Christina Milian has been receiving gifts.

Christina Milian is a Christmas Elf
For 2015, Christina Milian's Christmas spirit is "Turned Up" in several ways. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for The People's Choice Awards)

As it appears, one of Christina Milian’s favorite gifts so far is from Taylor Swift. Posted on her Twitter account on December 14, Christina Milian was proud to receive a present from Taylor Swift (with a personalized note). Christina Milian thanked her on social media by saying Taylor was “[k]illing the game for the ladies!”

Speaking of killing the game, Christina Milian has been in the headlines for her beauty. The Daily Mail points out that Christina Milian was in New York City around December 10 — and looking cute in polka dots. Christina Milian has also been looking sassy in the 2015 Love Magazine advent calendar video.

While Christina Milian is being noted for appearances, her acting, dancing, and singing talent are being explored in Turned Up and Grandfathered.

Adding some details to how she films her music videos, for the December 15 airing of Turned Up, Snoop Dogg will be joining Christina Milian.

According to an E! Online preview, Christina Milian found that Snoop Dogg, despite being a superstar, was very humble. As it turns out, Christina Milian is not far off with that statement, and it appears that Snoop Dogg still plays local shows in California, according to the Sacramento Bee.

However, it is clear that Christina Milian is not as interested in her career lately because it is Christmastime, and her family is in her full focus. On social media, it is apparent that Christina Milian and her family have been captured by the spirit of the holidays.

Christina Milian is spending time off work with her family.
Christina Milian puts her career on hold to spend quality time with her family. (Picture by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Over 15 new photos or videos of Christina Milian and her family have been posted over the weekend of December 12. This can be refreshing for fans tired of hearing about Violet’s hair. After posting a pic of her daughter, Violet, wearing cornrow clip-ons, Christina Milian got a lot of criticism in early December, according to Love, B. Scott.

Now, two weeks later, Christina Milian is posting lots of “cuteness overload” pictures of her family, and according to the Daily Mail, the family is on-location at a ski lodge near Big Bear Lake in California.

Adding to this, on December 14, Christina Milian posted a picture of her family on ski slopes dressed in coordinating colors on Instagram.

Captioning it, Christina Milian says, “This is how you do a Family Holiday Weekend. Big thanks to my sis and bro-in-law for making it all go down! We made unforgettable memories! Def gonna do this again!”

On the other hand, there is one odd post that Christina Milian published during her family ski trip. In a video from December 13, Christina Milian asks “where are you? I am ready to go down the hill” and then mumbles something. Was this a cry for help or just Christina Milian teasing one of her family members (or fans)?

More than likely, Christina Milian was just joking around in the video to create some intrigue and is not suffering from a concussion. Supporting the fact that she is a joker on social media, Christina Milian posted around the same time as the video that she was having a “crazy day at the slopes.”

Following that, Christina Milian posted on Twitter that she was just helping put the “‘fun’ in dysfunctional” with the rest of her family.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images]