‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Explodes And Elizabeth Begs As The Truth Spreads Throughout Port Charles

'General Hospital' star Billy Miller

There is more drama on the way for viewers as General Hospital spoilers detail that Monday’s episode will be an explosive one. Liz’s big secret has finally been revealed, Sam and Patrick split up, and Jason has big decisions to make. Where are things headed in the December 14 episode?

A General Hospital spoiler preview for Monday’s show teases that Jason will return to Elizabeth’s home. Naturally, Liz rushes out to see him, hoping that he has decided that they belong together after all. Sam is trying to call Jason as Elizabeth approaches him, and he’s clearly hesitant regarding both Sam and Liz.

Is Jason back to forgive Liz and move forward with their relationship? General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Jason is going to make it quite clear what his intentions are at this point. However, most have a hunch that Liz won’t like what she hears. Teasers indicate that these scenes will be extremely emotional, but viewers will have to tune in to see if Liz is left feeling crushed.

Monday’s show also will show Diane meeting with Jason to give him some documents she has prepared. These are surely divorce papers, but is Jason ready to sign them and fully dissolve his marriage to Sam? Jason may be a bit torn over what to do regarding his love life, but he’s much more solid on what he thinks of Nikolas.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will track down Nik at the Floating Rib, and things get ugly. Elizabeth admitted that Nikolas has known Jason’s identity for months, as well, though at this point there is plenty more that Jason could learn on this front. Will he even ask any questions, or just start throwing punches?

There are developments regarding Hayden and Nikolas in Monday’s show, as well. She has learned key information from Curtis, but there are still some details of the story missing. General Hospital spoilers share that Nik will meet Curtis in Monday’s show, and he’ll have some questions for Hayden about her ties to Curtis. Teasers also indicate that there is a bit coming up involving Jordan and Curtis in this episode, too.

This next episode also has more regarding Lulu, Dante, Johnny, and Valerie. General Hospital spoilers tease that Johnny puts together a plan regarding Lulu’s desire to get rid of Valerie. Will Lulu be on board with his suggestions, or will he be aiming to go too far?

A big holiday gala is coming up, and Monday’s episode has some quirky moments ahead as Monica and Tracy continue to put the plans together. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Paul will be pulled into the discussions, and Monica is said to be wound up over some portion of the plan in this episode.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry teases, there is an epic confrontation coming between Carly and Elizabeth this week, and fans will be anxious to see this one. Carly laughed as Sonny told her what Jason had learned, but viewers know better than to think Carly will just kick back and let this revelation go untouched. Soon Carly will catch up to Liz, and it will surely be ugly.

As the week continues, viewers can expect to see Jason and Anna come up with a plan to track down Robin. This is teased as being an epic Scorpio adventure, and it is believed that this adventure will pave the way for Jason Thompson’s exit with the show.

Dante will reach out to Lulu this week, but is it too little, too late? Will either Liz or Sam manage to win back Jason? It’s definitely going to be a week filled with drama, and General Hospital fans can’t wait to see what comes next.

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