Trump’s Character Slam: Cruz Is ‘A Maniac’ And Clinton Is ‘Stupid’

If you watched Fox News on Sunday, you may have heard Trump give Ted Cruz a knee to the head slam by stating he’s “like a bit of a maniac.” He followed up by stating that somebody cannot prance into the Senate making a scene by calling people liars, acting loud and obnoxious, and expect to get along with others. I found this an interesting statement for our potential candidate to make, but then he follows up by saying that the problem with Ted is that he’ll “never get anything done.” Considering Trump’s background, that’s a good one.

Trump manages to prove this “worthwhile” statement by lashing out at Hillary Clinton, whom he’s only beating by 5 percent, by saying she’s “killed hundreds and thousands of people with her stupidity” by jeopardizing soldiers’ lives in Iraq and Libya. However he doesn’t go into specifics of this remark, sidestepping the issue with a salesman’s marksmanship. He also claims she is “one of the worst Secretary of States in the history of the country” and condemns both Clinton and Obama calling them “geniuses.”

Donald Trump doesn't do "no"

Of course, Trump, as we know, has his hair rumpled by Ted Cruz somehow. It may be the fact that Cruz has a 10-point lead over Trump, as determined by Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll, among Republicans of Iowa. Trump states Cruz lacks the temperament and stable judgment for the presidency. In 2013, Cruz interfered with President Obama’s health care law that many argue was the reason for the government shutdown.

Sixty-eight percent of Trump’s Republican supporters declare they would vote for him if he ran as an independent rather than a Republican. Trump promotes gathering and deporting millions of undocumented workers in addition to banning Muslims from entering the United States. Some Americans consider these unconstitutional practices. In fact, up until this slap-in-the-face declaration, Ted Cruz was an avid supporter of Trump’s policies. Trump was appalled by Cruz’s non-supportive statements, and he continues with his standard of being “a world-class businessman” and how liberals and conservatives alike pander after him.

With a country founded on the effects of the American Melting Pot, it isn’t surprising to have so many consider Trump’s efforts as Hitler-like, opposing the American dream for freedom. Trump is concerned that Cruz is disrespectful and “talks about him behind his back” but cannot figure out why. Perhaps it’s because Cruz doesn’t support the “business-like” mannerisms of Trump, who incidentally failed as a businessman numerous times.

When I say failed, I’m referring to Trump’s four bankruptcies in business ventures of his own, according to Forbes. Before Trump strutted across the television screen as a successful business mogul on The Apprentice in search of greener pastures, he was better known as a casino owner. His multi-million dollar casinos went through four separate bankruptcies – the Taj Mahal in 1991, and Trump Plaza in 1992 (which reorganized later as Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts in 1995). Trump refinanced $1.9 billion leading to yet another bankruptcy in 2004 before the final in 2014.

Trump’s Taj Mahal, the latest bankruptcy in the Trump Plaza, shut down in 2014 when the complex wouldn’t sell. He was forced to sell the Trump Marina to the Golden Nugget and cut the company’s debt by $200 million to a mere $82 million. Trump Entertainment filed for bankruptcy just last year and Donald sued them to have his name removed from the casinos because they let them fall into “an utter state of disrepair,” proving that Trump would rather bail overboard than take responsibility. A billion dollars from lenders and hundreds of jobs have been lost under Trump without him screaming, “You’re fired!” beforehand, according to Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who’s been in the broadcasting business over 50 years, proving his worth time and again.

Trump is for Trump's esteem, not American efforts

“There’s no way that I, or anybody else who is running, is an expert in every area,” candidate Carson stated.

But this leaves us asking if people skills aren’t a major role in the United States presidency. Trump calling Cruz a “maniac” and Clinton “stupid” makes him King of the Hill bully on the “playground of disrespect.”

[Image via DonkeyHotey/Flickr]