SAS Sniper Kills Five ISIS Suicide Bombers With Just Three Bullets

A sharp shooting SAS sniper managed to foil a suicide bomb attack by killing five ISIS jihadis with just three bullets.

The Express reports that the unnamed SAS sniper who has been serving with the British special forces outfit for over a decade, saved potentially hundreds of lives after taking out five ISIS operatives with three precision shots from a distance of 800m.

The veteran SAS sniper was monitoring the activity at a bomb factory situated 10km outside the ISIS stronghold of Mosul when he saw three extremists leaving the building wearing thick, padded coats.

Wearing heavy coats in such hot conditions immediately alerted the SAS sniper to the fact that the ISIS members were wearing suicide vests and were on their way to attack a nearby town which could have resulted in the deaths of a huge number of men, women, and children.

SAS Sniper

The SAS color sergeant fired the first bullet which hit the ISIS suicide bomber directly in the chest, and detonated the explosive device he was wearing. The blast killed him instantly, and also blew up two ISIS guards sitting in a nearby car.

Reeling in the aftermath of the explosion, the second and third terrorists desperately tried to get back into the safety of the bomb factory. Before they could, the second jihadi was taken out with a headshot and the third jihadi met the same fate as the first when he was killed instantly after his explosive vest was set off by the third and final precision shot from the SAS sniper.

An Army source called it a classic SAS mission and a complete success which probably saved the lives of hundreds of people.


“This was a classic SAS mission. The unit had been operating in the area for several weeks, mainly working as spotters for air strikes and gathering intelligence. About three weeks ago the intelligence guys got information that a bomb factory had been set up in a nearby village. The unit was sent in to see if they could identify the house and the bombers. There were too many civilian homes nearby and children were often around so an airstrike was out of the question. Instead, the SAS commander in Iraq decided to use a sniper team and the operation was a complete success. With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.”

SAS Sniper [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]

As the war against ISIS rages on, fresh atrocities committed in the name of the terrorist death cult continue to make for new and sickening headlines.

The Mirror reported that in an ‘ISIS-inspired assault’ a 45-year-old male teacher has been stabbed at a nursery school in Paris. The man who suffered knife wounds to his throat and is said to be in a stable condition, was knifed at about 7 a.m. this morning before classes were due to start. His attacker is still at large, but he was said to be masked, wearing gloves and white overalls, and declared, “This is for Daesh [Islamic State],” before attacking the teacher.

In another disturbing report, it is said that vile ISIS terror thugs have issued a fatwa to kill babies and children with Down’s Syndrome. The Mirror reports that Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye says the ISIS Shar’ia Board issued a savage “oral fatwa” (an Islamic term for a religious decree) to its members authorizing them to “kill newborn babies with Down’s Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children.” Although the report has yet to be verified Mosul Eye claims they have recorded more that 38 confirmed cases of babies with Down’s Syndrome and congenital deformities who have been killed by either suffocation or lethal injection in ISIS strongholds.

[Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images]