WWE News: Triple H Injured During Roman Reigns ‘WWE TLC’ Ending Angle?

Last night at WWE TLC, Roman Reigns was very close to capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, only to be stopped by League of Nation members Alberto Del Rio and Rusev. Meanwhile, Sheamus managed to climb a ladder and retrieve his WWE World Title. This sent Reigns into a frenzy, as he was angry that the League got involved when they shouldn’t have.

Eventually, Reigns took out the entire team on his own, barring Wade Barrett who was not there. That led to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon coming out to calm down Roman, which led to Reigns taking his frustrations out on Triple H with a superman punch and various chair shots. This led to him powerbombing The Game onto a table, which didn’t break, then a flying elbow was done on Triple H to fully break the table.

Triple H sold like a master during the entire thing with Reigns, but this might have led to the WWE Executive getting hurt.

According to WWE.com, “Following Roman Reigns’ vicious attack on WWE COO Triple H at the WWE TLC pay-per-view, WWE.com has learned that The Game is being evaluated by WWE medical staff and will be observed overnight.”

HHH business
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While this could very well be part of a storyline, many believe it could be mixed with a bit of truth. The chair shots and punches didn’t seem to bother Triple H, but when Roman Reigns powerbombed him on the table that did not break right off, Trips looked like he was hurting pretty bad. He clearly could have been trying to sell as best he could, but he very well could have injured a rib or two.

WWE is now teasing an angle where they are asking what The Authority will do to get back at Roman Reigns over the attack.

They put a poll up asking what type of fate Reigns will have at the hands of The Authority. Choices are an indefinite suspension, more obstacles from The Authority, a painful encounter with The League of Nations, or physical recourse from The Game.

With 33 percent of the vote currently, the one leading the poll is Reigns facing more obstacles from The Authority. This would make the most sense, as The League of Nations and The Authority will surely want to get revenge on Reigns after what he did last night.

When it comes to Triple H, he may very well have been truly hurt last night, but WWE will obviously play it up on television. Many fans believe he is fine and WWE is using the injury angle to further the storyline with Reigns. Hurt or not, the storyline is going just as planned.

Many believe WWE is trying to set up for a Roman Reigns vs Triple H match at WrestleMania 31. While that would make a lot of sense, especially at this point, WWE seems to be high on having Reigns go for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at the event. The rumored idea, though, is that he could win the WWE World Title at The Royal Rumble next month.

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There was a rumor that WWE was scrapping all previous WrestleMania plans in an effort to go another direction creatively due to fan backlash. While they could be doing so for some things, it still looks like they are planning to push Roman Reigns to the top, regardless of how fans feel about him. He will be forced upon us all. This may or may not work out for WWE. Although the crowd seemed to enjoy Reigns more last night than most other nights, Reigns has been despised critically for the promos he has done. It is not so much on Reigns there, but terrible creative.

From “sufferin suckatash” to tater tots, fans feel like the promos are what is truly killing Reigns from reaching a higher spot with them.

There is hope that WWE will correct this problem by either having Reigns speak less or have creative simply go another direction with him regarding his promos each week. We will have to wait and see how Roman Reigns is used going into WrestleMania, but we should also watch to see what they do with Triple H tonight on WWE RAW and beyond, as it could lead us to seeing what he will do as well if he is truly injured from the spots he took last night at WWE TLC.

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