‘American Horror Story’ Season 5 Spoilers: Sarah Paulson Will Reprise Season 1 Character

Another actress is to come back as a previous character in American Horror Story Season 5. Sarah Paulson will reprise her role as her Season 1 character, despite already playing a role in the current airing. It is just another element from Season 1 coming back.

Paulson is one of a handful of cast members who have been in every single American Horror Story season. During the first, she was only in it for three episodes, but most will remember her because of her role. She was the psychic Billie Dean Howard, whose face gave it away that Violet was truly dead and now a ghost living within the house.

A Season 5 Actress from 'American Horror Story' Will Reprise Season 1 Role [Photo By Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]Season 5 of the show has been connected to Murder House. Executive producer and creator Ryan Murphy shared last year that all the seasons are connected in some way. Season 2 and Season 4 were connected through Pepper, and Season 1 and Season 5 have been connected through various characters. Billie Dean Howard will now appear, adding yet another connection to the two.

So far, Paulson has already had a big role on American Horror Story: Hotel. She plays Hypodermic Sally, a ghost haunting the hotel after being pushed from the hotel window. It has not yet been confirmed as to whether Sally and Billie will have a connection to explain why they look so alike. It is also unclear whether the two characters will meet. Billie will appear on TV, in a reality show around her psychic abilities. She may never actually enter the hotel.

@MsSarahPaulson (Sally) is the best character… is lady gaga even relevant? #AmericanHorrorStory pic.twitter.com/R9NOcBaHdi

— Brandior Blackwell (@BrandonKors_) December 5, 2015

Paulson will not be the only person playing two roles in one season. Finn Wittrock fans were devastated when his character Tristan was killed. However, he came back to American Horror Story: Hotel as Rudolph Valentino. While a connection had not been officially confirmed, Lady Gaga’s character, The Countess, did note that they both looked very similar, according to The Huffington Post.

This is not quite the first time that one actress has played two characters on American Horror Story. Paulson took on that feat last year, when she played conjoined twins, Dot and Bette. It was a slightly different way to play two roles, but certainly enjoyed by fans. She also made it very clear which twin she was playing, without the need for fans to remember which side one was on.

Fans have been disappointed in American Horror Story Season 5, mainly due to the departure of Jessica Lange. With her leaving, it left a big hole to fill; one that was supposed to be for Lady Gaga. Fans have not quite been impressed with her acting for the most part, taking to Twitter to express their disappointment. However, it looks like Murphy is not listening. He has confirmed that he asked Lady Gaga to come back for another year next year.

Another Actor In 'American Horror Story' Season 5 Will Come Back As Another Character [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]He also hinted that there is the possibility of two seasons of American Horror Story next year. According to TV Guide, he is discussing the option of having two different writing teams; something he has never done. That would free up one team for the other projects they are working on, and it could mean a whole new dynamic to the show for one of the seasons. This has not yet been confirmed by FX, but considering the show is one of the most popular on the network it is likely that it will accept.

“We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show where we’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group coming in late August.”

There are now many fans wondering where Murphy could go next. Each season of American Horror Story takes viewers to a new place with a completely new storyline, except for the odd connection. There are still plenty of settings to explore.

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