Trump Supporters Respond After He Calls Cruz A Maniac

Republican frontrunner and businessman, Donald Trump is making waves again. This time, he’s making headlines for calling Republican opponent, Ted Cruz, “a maniac” after Cruz surged into first place in the Iowa polls. Although Trump maintains a lead in the Republican polls nationwide, the Iowa poll results didn’t sit well with him and he had no problem pointing that out.

The poll conducted by Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics showed Cruz with 31 percent of the GOP support in Iowa, while Trump fell behind by 10 points, with only 21 percent of his party’s support in Iowa.

According to MSNBC, Trump called Cruz “a bit of a maniac” when he said, “Look at the way he’s dealt with the Senate, where he goes in there like a — you know, frankly like a little bit of a maniac,” Trump said. “You can’t walk into the Senate, and scream, and call people liars, and not be able to cajole and get along with people.”

The Guardian reported that following the Iowa polls, Trump once again reiterated that he would run as an independent if he doesn’t win the GOP primary. Trump’s drop in the polls comes amidst his controversial anti-Muslim remarks and proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States. His proposed policies have caused division even among voters and leaders in his own Republican Party.

Social media and traditional news outlets were abuzz with debate once again following Trump’s remarks this weekend.

Donald Trump himself Tweeted, “I was disappointed that Ted Cruz would speak behind my back, get caught, and then deny it. Well, welcome to the wonderful world of politics!”

Although representatives from the Cruz campaign failed to respond to Trump’s criticism, Ted Cruz himself responded back by saying, “Who am I comfortable having their finger on the button? Now that’s a question of strength, but it’s also a question of judgment. And I think that is a question that is a challenging question for both of them.”

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Meanwhile, Trump supporters were crawling out of the woodwork on Twitter in support of their favorite presidential frontrunner. A twitter user aptly named @trumpisawinner tweeted to Trump “You’re the real deal. For my money, tedcruz just doesn’t cut the mustard. Go Trump! #DonaldTrump #THEDonald”

Twitter user @MagicNinjadamus agreed with Trump’s sentiments when he Tweeted,”@realDonaldTrump @trumpisawinner Cruz is another career politician. Trump can’t be bought!”

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump certainly does know how to illicit a reaction, not only from the American public, but from citizens worldwide. When it comes to ratings, Trump’s brand of in-your-face controversy knows how to capture the spotlight and get people talking.

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