Star Wars Review: The Force Invades Jakku

Over the course of the next month, it will be hard to look anywhere on the internet and not find someone willing to give a Star Wars review. Lucasfilm, alongside Disney, have given consumers plenty to feed on for the build up to The Force Awakens. From books to comics to video games, the two giants have given little bits and pieces of story and hints about the world we expect to see on Thursday night, if one has managed to score a ticket.

Up to this point, not a lot has been said about the world of Jakku. It is a forgone conclusion that this is where we will meet the heroine of the story, Rey. Finn is close by and seems to crash land, and somehow the beloved Millennium Falcon came to rest on this barren desert of a planet.

This all came to an end if anyone was paying attention the first week of December. Over the course of a week, four short stories were published online that give us a better understanding of what to expect from the next great place to visit in the Star Wars galaxy. Though most of the stories leave little to be desired, we can surmise that Jakku is not a place for the faint of heart.

The Face of Evil

Each of the tales under the title of Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away explore a different genre. The Face of Evil is a take on the Frankenstein monster legend. In this first story, fans will get an up close and personal view of the lair of Maz Kanata. Kanata will be the motion captured character played by Academy Award Winner, Lupita Nyong’o.

This story is set on the world of Takodana and focuses on two Frigosians who have a talent of giving a person a new identity. Their version stretches beyond just papers. Over the course of this title, their latest customer is on the run from the law, and she seeks refuge with Kanata and these two.

Frigosians featured in The Face of Evil

It would be amazing to highly recommend this title but it falls way short of being enjoyable. Star Wars fans will enjoy getting to know some of the cast of characters they will be seeing on film, but the story overall leaves little to be desired.

All Creatures Great and Small

This particular story does take place on Jakku. It paints the picture of a distant planet that has been long forgotten. A place where one can go to get lost not just from the Empire or the First Order but from society in general. It is a place frequented by pirates hell bent on putting the ordinary citizens through the ringers.

The invading pirates are just a secondary story that introduces us to a shaman like character named Bobbajo. He is a creature whisperer for lack of a better term, and he tells all of the little ones a story to take their minds off of the fact the townspeople are hiding out from these pirates.

Bobbajo’s story is a retelling of the demise of the first Death Star from A New Hope. It is an interesting take on what really may have happened, but in the end is was less than stellar. Star Wars fans will enjoy being introduce on what to expect from what looks to be the place where we meet the protagonists from The Force Awakens, but that is about it.

It may sound as if these stories are not worth purchasing. However, they can be purchased electronically for just $1.99 each. They are a must have for the completist, but it is expected that fans will be able to purchase these along with two other short stories in the physical form some time on April 6, 2016. Until then, May the Force be with you!

[Photo by Disney Press-Lucasfilm]