The True Face Of Jesus Christ Has Now Been Revealed – Science Used To Show What Jesus Really Looked Like

Even though atheism is said to be on the rise in the United States, there are still so many of those that believe in Jesus Christ. Everyone, believing in him or not, also has an idea of what Jesus looks like, and it comes from centuries of drawings that depict him in one similar form. Well, a forensic anthropologist has used science to draw a new image of Jesus Christ and says that his true face and appearance is like nothing anyone has seen.

According to NAIJ, forensic anthropology is seen as the science used to help in police work and solve crimes, but it’s been used differently here. Well, it’s kind of the same as a police sketch artist using a description to create an image of a suspect.

Richard Neave is a retired medical artist from the University of Manchester in England, and he took it upon himself to show the world what Jesus Christ really looked like.

jesus christ true face really look like
Image by BBC Photo Library

Neave found three skulls from Israeli archaeological dig sites, and he put them into computerized tomography machines to come up with a new look for Jesus Christ. Neave states that this is the “best shape” for Jesus’ face, and his scientific findings determine Christ to have a darker skin tone, broader nose, and different hairstyle.

This is a much different look from how Jesus Christ is usually portrayed in paintings and pictures. The Jesus that so many know has a skinnier nose and face and long, flowing brown hair. His beard is usually much neater and trimmed, while the look from Neave has him a bit bushier looking.

jesus christ really look like true appearance
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Popular Mechanics reports that this new look of Jesus Christ is one that would have differed vastly from all those who lived at the time and in the region. It’s believed that if this was true, it would have been something touched on in the writings and teachings of the Bible, but it never really was.

Still, in the Book of Matthew, Jesus Christ was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, and this took place before the Crucifixion. It is written that Judas Iscariot actually had to point out Jesus Christ to his soldiers as none could tell him apart from his disciples.

It should be noted that nowhere in the New Testament after the birth of Christ is there a description of his looks or appearance. No drawings have ever been found or discovered, and it leads some to believe that it isn’t exactly known what he looked like.

Over time, artists have drawn different portraits and pictures of Jesus Christ, but they have all had a lot of similarities. That’s why many see him as a man of light skin, long brown hair, and with rather thin features.

Neave has simply taken a different approach, but it isn’t just one that’s a matter of opinion. He decided to go against what all other portraits of Jesus Christ have shown and create an entirely new look that is unlike what others see as “normal.”

With atheism on the rise, it’s quite possible that Neave’s depiction of Jesus may end up putting doubt in the heads of even more people.

The look of Jesus Christ is one that has been “known” for centuries, but it’s not one that has ever been brought forth by science. Richard Neave thought it necessary to show the world not just what he believes Jesus to look like, but what science apparently proves him to look like and it’s something entirely different.

[Image by Barnaby Hall/Getty Images]