Breaking: Medical Physician Erika Schwartz Blows Whistle On Healthcare Industry — ‘Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You’

Physician Erika Schwartz isn’t standing by and allowing the public to be, in so many words, bullied by the healthcare system. “Don’t let your doctor kill you,” says Physician Schwartz.

According to 11-ALIVE News, Dr. Erika Schwartz has come to the public with a published announcement in the form of a new book titled Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You. In an interview with Extra TV, Erika Schwartz mentions that the title of her book means that you shouldn’t let your doctor “erase you and not care about you. That’s what it means to kill you.”

In the book, the news source states that Erika Schwartz speaks on various protocols doctors take, unbeknownst to patients. Generally, these doctors have a certain arrogance and can somewhat coerce the patient into believing his or her diagnoses are the “end all, be all.” She also notes that the most important thing a patient can do is ask questions. This way, he or she will know which doctor is the right one. One of the worse things a patient can do is settle for a physician that doesn’t have his or her best interest at heart.

“You have to stop allowing strangers — doctors with ‘white coats’, who don’t even know who you are, with their noses in the electronic medical records — to write prescriptions that you follow, blindly. You know what? That’s gonna kill you.”

These are Physician Erika Schwartz’s colleague’s whom are under fire from her public warnings. According to the doctor, the healthcare industry is not as it appears. As reported by Extra TV, when it comes to your health, there should only be one person in the driver’s seat, and that’s you. In the following video, you’ll see that she mentions that the only person who can change things is you.


11-ALIVE News also mentions that the physician mentions the many fallacies within the healthcare system, as far as treatment is concerned. The source states as follows.

“She says the system is designed to over-prescribe medications, over-test and ‘over everything’, which calls for an especially tenacious patient. She stocks her handbook with advice that ranges from warnings from over-the-counter drugs to admonitions that we all have to demand the best care and not be cowed by physicians.”

Physician Schwartz has been in charge of an ER center in the past. She says that it’s definitely not the place to get the best care. Specifically, 11-ALIVE News mentions a warning she offered the public, as follows.

“Unless you or your child is close to being delirious or running a fever, avoid the ER and maybe even the doctor’s office as well. Too often, the ER is used for health scares that would best by handled by a visit to the family doctor or even commonsense care at home.”

Dr. Erika Schwartz also goes on to mention that test results only account for so much of the diagnoses. She said that what really matters is how you feel. And this is something that many doctors tend to cast aside. Many of Erika Schwartz’s patients have come to her after leaving the aforementioned type of physicians, in pursuit of someone who will actually listen to their concerns and provide a caring piece of advice — not just prescribe medicine and take home a check.

On Erika Schwartz’s website, she notes, “Take charge of your health and stop turning over your life to our confusing and intimidating healthcare system – before it’s too late.”

What are your thoughts? Have you found yourself in a similar position to the patients Dr. Erika encounters? Feel free to express in the comments below.

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