WWE TLC 2015 Results: Roman Reigns Wins The WWE Universe With His Heel-Like Triple H Spear [Video]

TLC 2015 Poster

The WWE TLC 2015 results are in, and while Roman Reigns technically may have lost the WWE championship belt to Sheamus due to interference by the League of Nations, it possible that Reigns just won over the entire WWE universe by the way he risked a kayfabe suspension with his Triple H beatdown. Even as Stephanie McMahon screamed her fury, the fans seemed to roar their approval for Reigns as he continued to use every weapon at his disposal on the WWE COO.

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So far, Roman Reigns’ championship record has lasted a glorious five minutes and 10 seconds, making his reign one of the shortest in WWE history. Sheamus, on the other hand, has held the WWE champion title in the past, with his first reign beginning with a win against John Cena during a WWE TLC match. But this time Reigns essentially had his hard-won reign stolen from him with the Money In The Bank briefcase during the 2015 Survivor Series.

The end of WWE TLC 2015 was no different. Reigns looked like he was able to grab the WWE championship belt from atop the ladder when the League of Nations suddenly intervened, with Rusev and Alberto del Rio kicking Reigns to the curb. Although Reigns valiantly fought back against this intrusion into the TLC match, it goes without saying that Sheamus had an easy time grabbing the belt.

At this point, fans knew to expect something to happen. There was still about 15 minutes left until 11 p.m. EST rolled around, and Roman Reigns’ heel turn came when he delivered on these hopes, grabbed a chair, and viciously began attacking Sheamus, Rusev, and Alberto. The anticipation only grew when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon marched onto the scene followed by a pack of security guards and referees.

Triple H almost broadcasted out that something was going to go down because he loosened his tie before he entered the ring. Reigns delivered on this potential almost immediately, attacking Triple H with everything he had. First it was the chair, and then he even tour apart the Spanish announce table so he could deliver an elbow drop onto Triple H’s chest. Surprisingly, during this whole time, The Game never even fought back, taking the punishment with only moans of protest.

Reigns even delivered the coup de grace when he was apparently satisfied with his temper tantrum and was exiting to the back. Suddenly, Reigns hesitated, and before everyone knew it, he was running back toward Triple H to give him the spear.

During this entire time, the WWE fans seemed to back Reigns the entire way, which is quite an achievement in of itself. In the past, many wrestling fans seemed to think Reigns was not quite ready, or they felt that pushing Reigns was a little too much puppeteering by Vince McMahon.

In fact, in February of 2015 the WWE management was so confounded by the lack of support for Reigns that they actually released a poll asking why “many in the WWE universe are reluctant to support Roman Reigns.” After all, when Reigns won the Royal Rumble so many fans canceled their WWE Network subscriptions that the servers were overloaded and crashed.

It does not help that Reigns himself is kind of vague when it comes to the reasons why WWE fans should be supporting Reigns’ rise to stardom in the first place.

“I say what I do. I don’t lie. I’m pretty straight up. I tell the fans, ‘I’m gonna come and fight my (butt) off.’ I’m gonna bring a big fight. This ain’t gonna be a boxing match where we float around and dance. We’re gonna lock horns and we’re gonna go at it. You’re gonna see some awesome stuff and some great athleticism. Heavy-hitting, hard action: That’s what I do. It’s gonna be a strong-style match, and that’s the way I go at it. I bring the big fight. And if you are into that, please, by all means, come have fun with me. If not, come out and boo me. Just come out. It’s a great night. We have something for everybody. If you are not necessarily into me, I guarantee we have somebody that you can cheer for and enjoy to watch,” Reigns explained in October, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

In November, Stone Cold Steve Austin gave some advice, claiming that only a Roman Reigns heel turn could turn things around by copying the well-worn path set by Dwayne Johnson.

“I think Roman needs to be a heel. Go through that journey and then evolve into a babyface,” Austin explained, according to Wrestling Inc. “To me, it’s almost going to mirror what the Rock did. [WWE] brought him in as a white meat baby. People hated him and they wanted to hate him. And then, all of a sudden, the Rock started taking over the Nation of Domination. He was the alpha male in that group. All of a sudden, the promo skills come alive. The character comes alive. The personality comes alive and he turned into the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.”

Whether or not Roman Reigns turned heel during the WWE TLC 2015 match is debatable, but no one can argue that taking a chair to Triple H in a fit of rage doesn’t reek of heel tactics. The question is whether this is the turning point that allows him to earn the acceptance of the WWE universe.

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