Two Low-Flying Cylinder-Shaped UFOs Spotted Over Alexandria In Virginia

JohnThomas Didymus

A Virginia witness has reported sighting two massive, silver-colored, cylinder-shaped UFOs flying low, slowly and silently in the sky over South Alexandria in Fairfax County. According to the unnamed witness in a testimony filed on December 4, 2015, as Case 72923 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the sighting occurred between Huntington Creek and Huntington Metro in South Alexandria at about 12:15 p.m. on December 4, 2015.

According to Open Minds-Tv's Roger Marsh, the witness told MUFON that she was in her kitchen heating water for a cup of coffee when she looked out of the window of her kitchen door westward in the direction of Telegraph Road and Burgundy Village. The clear and blue sky after three rainy days caught her attention. So she opened the kitchen door for some fresh air and a view of the sky. She was about to close her kitchen door much later when she noticed two elongated, cylinder-shaped UFOs flying southward from the north over "the midtown south high-rise on Huntington Avenue," about three blocks from her house.

"I saw two large, slow moving, long silver cylinders," the witness told MUFON. "I was in my kitchen which faces westward toward Telegraph Road/Burgundy Village and was heating water for a cup of coffee. I looked out the window of the kitchen door and noticed how blue and clear the sky was, especially after three days of rain."

"I saw them – two long silver craft moving from north to south flying over the midtown south high-rise on Huntington Avenue which is about three blocks from my house."

The two UFOs flew in formation at the same speed, with the higher craft flying "at 2-3 o'clock" while the lower one "flew at 6-7 o'clock."

She estimated the speed of the two UFOs at about 25 to 35 miles-an-hour and about half-a- mile away.

"The craft I could see clearly did not have any wings or tail rudders, did not see any markings, but saw a flash of red on the lower flying craft," the witness said.

"The two craft flew together at the same speed but separated, by from what I could tell, less than 1/8 or less distance from each other," the witness said. "The higher one was flying between 2-3 o'clock, and the lower was at between 6-7 o'clock. Their speed – they were traveling between 25-35 miles-an-hour and the height less than a half mile, maybe closer."

The UFOs flew south in the direction of Huntington Metro, then changed direction suddenly. They made a sharp and "graceful" U-turn and began flying westward towards Rose Hill.

The witness said two men were working in the yard next door as she observed the craft. She turned to yell and draw the attention of the men to the objects in the sky, but when she looked up again the UFOs had disappeared.

"As they turned, I saw a bright intense light coming from the rear of the lower craft," the witness said. "At that point I turned to the left and looked into the yard next door and was about to yell something to the two guys working on the porch, but when I turned back to sky, the objects were both gone."

The witness gave additional detailed description of the cylinder-shaped UFOs, saying they were windowless, had rounded front ends and bulbous tails. They flew silently, making no sounds. The only sounds the witness was conscious of during the sighting were the sounds of traffic from Huntington Avenue and the Metro.

The witness was shocked by the sighting, saying she had never seen anything like the crafts before. She also expressed conviction that others must have seen them and expressed hope that more people would come forward to corroborate her account.

[Image via Mark Gallagher/Wikimedia]