Is Selena Gomez Secretly Dating Niall Horan, Getting Back With Justin Bieber, Or Both?

Selena Gomez loves Niall Horan, but is it as serious as everyone speculates? In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Selena admitted to being close friends with Horan but denied rumors that they were actually dating. Even after exclaiming, “oh my God, no, ” when asked if there was anything between she and Niall, the “Same Old Love,” singer is still not convincing fans. With or without an actual declaration from Gomez, her words still hint that a romance is underway.

“I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.”

Rumors reportedly began when Selena and Niall were spotted making out at an exclusive birthday bash for Jenna Dewan-Tatum. The rumored couple was then spotted on Santa Monica Pier the very next day. While Selena continues to deny romance and Naill Horan keeps quiet, fans are left to make up there own minds about the pair based on how much time the spend together. Lately, Gomez and Horan have been inseparable.

Just recently, Selena was backstage at One Direction’s performance for the finale of X-Factor UK, where she was suspected to have been the guest of Niall Horan. Fashionably dressed in a green jacket over a simple tank-top, Selena Gomez was also said to have been socializing with many of Niall’s friends. It’s all very suggestive, but lately, Niall is not the only young heartthrob with whom Selena Gomez is rumored to be involved.

Recently, Selena has been hanging out with ex-boyfriend and token bad boy, Justin Bieber. This rumor has some fans concerned that Selena has no backbone, while others believe it was a true love that came before its time. The old couple first started their romance back in 2011, at which time fans gave them the name “Jelena.” They eventually called it quits back in 2014 after breaking up and getting back together many times. Here’s whats happened recently that has people thinking that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are rekindling an old flame.

Back in May of this year, Selena and Justin were side by side at the Met Gala. Adding fuel to the fire, Bieber declared his feelings for Gomez to the paparazzi, stating, “hey, Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!” Just weeks after the Met Gala outburst, Selena and Justin appeared together in a snapchat video which was posted by Pastor Rich Wilkerson of Hillsong. The rumors began to intensify when Justin Bieber makes another statement about Selena, but this time through his music.

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After being away from the music spotlight for a while, Bieber recently returned with “What Do You Mean, ” which was the first single from his upcoming album Purpose. A few singles later, Justin released a sing titled “Where R U Now,” for which messages in the music video were clearly intended for Selena Gomez. In one scene, a message read “Where Are U Now Selena,” in the graffiti on a cement wall. Once everyone finally got bored with guessing, is was time to get the dish from Selena Gomez herself. This is what the songstress had to say about her old beau.

“I’ll forever support him and love him in a way that… We grew up together.”

Justin Bieber explained a similar love a support for Selena Gomez. He went into great detail about the ups and downs of their relationship.

“We were so in love. Nothing else mattered. We were all about each other. I moved in with my girlfriend when I was 18. Started my own life with her. It was a marriage kind of thing. Living with a girl, it was just too much at that age… When stuff would happen, I would lose my freakin’ mind, and she would lose her mind, and we would fight so hard because we were so invested in each other.”

Selena Gomez declares that she is single: She’s reportedly just friends with Niall Horan and simply supportive of Justin Bieber. The only thing that is certain is the Justin wants Selena back, and is make it very public knowledge by making statements and posting old photos of he and Selena. In her recent interview Selena Gomez was asked if she would ever get back together with Justin Bieber; a question to witch Selena exclaimed “I don’t know!”

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