Wedding Party Falls Into Lake As Dock Collapses [video]

A beautiful June wedding turned soggy when the bride and groom got all wet after the dock collapsed, tipping the entire group into a lake. Eric Walber and Maegan McKee thought taking photos of the entire wedding party on a boat dock over Michigan’s Gun Lake sounded like a great idea, until the wood dock started to tilt, ultimately sending the formally clad group into the water.

No one was hurt when the Gun Lake boat dock collapsed and the bride and groom seemed to take the entire incident in stride. The ushers with cell phones in their pockets may have to leave the devices in a bag of rice for awhile with fingers crossed the moisture dries out so they can update their Facebook status, but otherwise the drenched wedding party went on to enjoy the reception at Bay Pointe Inn, The Blaze Reports. Perhaps, the guys in rented tuxedos should check their pockets for fish before handing the suits back in and attempting to reclaim their deposit.

The Groom told WOOD-TV that he felt the dock starting to give and thought, “Oh, yup, this is going to happen.” The Bride said she once she came up from going under water she kept laughing in disbelief that the entire wedding party actually caused the dock to tilt and dumped them into Gun Lake.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the video of the wedding party and collapsing dock is priceless. The wedding videographer from Inspiration Video notes the story of the wedding party falling into the lake made international headlines.